UNESCO Hamdan Rashid Prize

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*** Update on Nov 6. Extension of Last Date ***

In 2008, the UNESCO-Hamdan Prize was created to support the enhancement of teaching and learning quality in achieving the Education for All goals, which is one of UNESCO’s priorities. The Prize is awarded every two years to three winners whose projects aim at improving the performance and effectiveness of teachers worldwide.

The Prize, generously supported by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates, amounts to $300 000, which is equally divided between the three winners.

Who is eligible?

Candidates may be individuals representing institutions or organizations; international or national governmental or non-governmental organizations (NGOs); educational or research institutions and local/national/regional communities.

Applications are not opened to individuals.

How to apply?

Applications may be submitted in two ways:

  • A candidate shall ask a nominating body to send its application to UNESCO;
  • A nominating body may initiate the process of nominating a candidate and send the application to UNESCO.


The application must contain:

  • The nomination form filled by the nominating body (using the appropriate form);
  • The application form completed by the candidate (using the appropriate form);
  • Accompanying/supporting materials (in English or French).

Both application and nomination forms can be downloaded from UNESCO’s website: www.unesco.org/new/hamdan-prize or Hamdan Award’s website: www.ha.ae.

Applications should be postmarked or sent by email to the Secretariat of the Prize by 31 October 2017 (midnight, Paris time). November 24, 2017.

Selection process:

  • Applications received before the deadline are reviewed by the Screening panel, who will eliminate non-eligible candidates and transmit accepted applications to the International Jury of the Prize.
  • The International Jury meets in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to select the Prize winners.
  • Prizes are awarded to winners during an official ceremony organized at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day (October 2018).
For more details, please visit this link.

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