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Training Program on Satellite and Mobile Communication at NITTTR Bhopal [Feb 24-28, 2020]: Register by Jan 24: Expired


Satellite and Mobile communication together have changed the telecommunication services in the 21st century. Mobile communication and services like voice and data services, video streaming, GPRS, GPS, VoIP, various value-added services, etc. are now the integral and essential part of modern telecommunication networks. Long-distance communication like inter-continent communication, very remote and difficult geographical locations, communication with spacecraft, etc. in all such situations satellite communication provides communication with fairly large bandwidth.

To work as a technical person in an organization like ISRO, DRDO, Telecom operator, Satellite Broadcaster, and academic institutes offering communication program, needs sound knowledge of Mobile and Satellite communication fundamentals. This course is designed to provide fair technical knowledge to work in the Mobile and Satellite communication field.

Course Content
  • Overview Of Satellite Systems:- Basic building blocks of the satellite communication system, Frequency allocation for Satellite services, earth station,
  • Orbits & Launching Methods: Kepler’s First, Second, Third Law, Definitions, basic terminology, Terms for Earth-Orbiting satellites, Orbital Element,
  • Space Segment: – The Power Supply, Altitude Control, Station Keeping, Thermal Control, TT&C Subsystem, Transponders, and the Antenna Subsystem
  • Earth Segment: – Receive-Only Home TV Systems, Master Antenna TV System, Transmit-Receive Earth Stations, Analog and Digital Signal processing
  • SATCOM modulation and coding tradeoffs and link budget analysis, Satellite Access techniques, Satellite Services:-Satellite mobile services, VSATs, Global positioning system,

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