Training Program on Embedded Wireless Application Development @ VIT [Vellore, May 28-Jun 2]: Apply by May 23: Expired

ARM Cortex-M processor family is an upwards compatible range of energy efficient,
easy to use processors designed to help the developers in order to meet the needs
of tomorrow’s embedded applications. ARM Technology that lies at the heart of advanced
digital products, from mobile phones and digital cameras to games consoles and automotive systems, and is the leading intellectual property (IP) provider of high performance, increased connectivity, better code density , low-cost, power-efficient RISC
processors, peripherals, and system-on-chip (SoC) designs.
This program intends to provide opportunities for participants with various engineering
backgrounds to gain knowledge and experience on “Design and real-time implementation
of ARM based Embedded systems” and various wireless protocols implementations in 2.4
GHz band.

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Embedded C Programming concepts
  • ARM Cortex Architecture – An Overview
  • General purpose Input Output (GPIO) configuration
  • Signal conditioning techniques
  • Data Acquisition concepts
  • Timing and control module
  • Asynchronous & Synchronous communication protocols
  • Universal Asynchronous Transmitter Receiver (UART)
  • Serial Synchronous Interface (SSI)

Hands on & Demo:

  • Switch/Keypad interface
  • LED/Seven segment display interface
  • LCD interface
  • Single channel data acquisition
  • Multi –channel data acquisition
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) interfacing
  • Data logging using external Memory (EEPROM)
  • Customizable lighting system
  • Remote device control using IRs
  • External device control using Wi-Fi web server

For the complete list, visit here.
Students pursuing B. E / B. Tech / M. E / M.Tech degree in any engineering
discipline may apply for this Summer Training Program on “Embedded Wireless
Application Development using ARM Microcontroller”.
The registration fees are given below:

  • Students: Rs. 4,000
  • Faculty and Research Scholars: Rs. 10,000
  • Industry Participants: Rs. 15,000

For registration form, visit here.
Last Date for Registration: May 23
For any queries, contact

  • Ms. R. Devaki
    Phone no: 0416-2202381
  • Ms. T. Revathi
    Phone no: 0416-2202383, 8144535132
  • Mr. A. P. Baranidharan
    Phone no: 9486970154
For any further information, visit the brochure here

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