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Passionate about working in international development? Looking for hands-on experience this summer?

We are excited to bring back the flagship ‘Total Immersion Program in Finance & Development’ – a unique blend of theory and learning for those aspiring to contribute to inclusive development.

Who should apply
  • Candidates enrolled in Graduate and Post-Graduate programs;
  • Young researchers and professionals;
  • Students of Economics, Engineering, Social Sciences, Data Science;
  • CSR enthusiasts, policymakers, industry stakeholders; and
  • Those displaying keen interest in contributing to inclusive development
How to apply

Please send an email with your interest at Email:
Ph no: +91 99809 12220

Deadline for applications: February 15, 2019

Accepted candidates will be notified by the end of February 2019.

Fee: US$1,000 (Includes course fee, study material, lunch and refreshments. (Scholarships available for deserving candidates)


Participants who are interested will be given the opportunity to intern with IFMR LEAD or
one of its partner institutes. The internship will allow them to employ the skills and knowledge they have acquired from the program in the field.

Ph. no: +91 99809 12220

Click here for the brochure.


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Loved my student life, love talking to students now. I am a wearer of multiple hats (wife, mom, cook, chauffeur). My job is my hobby! :)

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