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TISS Mumbai’s Training Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction & Heritage Sites [April 14-19]: Register by April 10

Learner Objectives for DRR and Natural Heritage

  1. Learn the significance of natural heritage sites, how they are notified, and issues and challenges involved
  2. Learn about ecosystem -based DRR approach to Protected Areas and Natural heritage sites.
  3. Learn how sites serve as effective buffers for natural hazards (such as Tsunamis, floods and landslides).
  4. Learn about the ways in which heritage can assist in reducing the impact of disasters, before, during and after they have taken place.
  5. To appreciate the need for DRR approaches for natural heritage sites.

Learner Objectives for DRR and Cultural Heritage

  1. Understand the need for an integrated approach to disaster risk management for cultural heritage sites and precincts
  2. Undertake integrated disaster risk assessment and build systems for disaster risk management of cultural heritage; incorporating various measures aimed at reducing disaster risks, responding to disasters and recovering from them.
  3. Working towards formulating disaster risk management plans for cultural heritage that correspond to urban and regional planning and disaster management systems
  4. Establishing new networks and supplementing existing international scientific networks for risk management of cultural heritage

Who should participate?

This course requires basic understanding of disaster risk reduction, the idea of heritage sites and governance in India.

It is meant for site managers, policy makers, those interested in disaster management with some experience (job or fieldwork). Bachelor’s degree and knowledge of English are essential.

Maximum capacity: 35 participants 


Course fees: is towards course material, organization of field visits and resources. Pl note that it does not cover accommodation in Mumbai.

The course fees: Rs. 10,000 for 6 days (Rs. 6000 for 3 days)

TISS DM Students: Rs.6000 for 6 days (Rs. 4000 for 3 days)

More details are here.

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