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The Tata Institute of Social Sciences in collaboration with Ruth Cohn Institute for Theme Centered Interaction (TCI)-International, Berlin, announces the second batch of its workshop training program in Professional and Personal Leadership.

This Program is based on a group leading method called Theme Centered Interaction. The program begins on June 14, 2017, and will run through till end of November 2018. It is a non-residential modular format involving 8 workshops spread over 18 months. A total of 36 days of workshop contact and a short self-reflective thesis are mandatory components.

The program is targeted at social and development workers, community workers, teachers, trainers, team leaders and managers, counsellors, soft skills professionals and all those interested in personal and professional development.

Training participants will be awarded two certificates: An International Certificate in the training methodology TCI from Ruth Cohn Institute for TCI, Berlin. Also a Certificate from TISS for Professional and Personal Leadership. For details of the Program see below.

Training Elements:

The training comprises of the following elements:

  • an introductory workshop (3 days)
  • 6 workshops of 5 days each. For learning TCI method (3 workshops) and personality courses (3 workshops)
  • a short written thesis
  • evaluation / recommendation from teachers team
  • a concluding workshop (3 days)

Location: Mumbai

School: School of Development Studies

Intake: 25


This Certificate Program will be available to adults above 18 years of age with minimum requirements of graduation and at least two years of work. Good knowledge of English language is essential as the Program will be conducted in English.

Program Fees:

Rs 85,000 (Eighty Five Thousand only) to be paid in two installments. Rs 55,000 at the beginning of the program and Rs 30,000 to be paid by November 1, 2017. These charges are inclusive of tuition fee, identity card, development fund and convocation charges.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates may apply for the course by filling in the application form. Also make a payment of Rs. 1000 towards application fee by downloading the challan.

For more details, please visit this link


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