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10 Tips to Prepare a Stand-Out Resume

Did you know that your resume is your marketing tool? Writing a powerful and effective resume is one of the trickiest stages of getting a new job. Among us are many job seekers who are worried about writing resumes. And did you know you have less than a minute to make an impression? So, it’s imperative that your resume should definitely be able to catch the attention of recruiters. Many Free resume makers are available today that could help you in making an effective resume. Eg:

It’s up to you how you present it, and your resume should be able to get the attention of employers and recruiters.

Hence, in this article, we will share a few tips which could help you to make an effective resume.

1. Formatting

Did you know that content of your resume matters than anything else? Most people have a misconception that colorful and flash resume gets noticed among all. Instead, your resume should be in lucid language and should be easily understood by the readers. Use bullet points and keep your sentences short. Always remember to include important information on the upper middle area of the page, as the recruiter mostly notices this the first. While selecting the font it’s recommended that you stick to the ones that are easy to read. Use a basic but modern font, like Helvetica, Arial, or Century Gothic. It’s better to choose a font size between 10-12.

2. Keep your resume short

An effective resume is one that is clear, concise and is not complicated to understand. You can evaluate whether your previous or early employment is not relevant to include, then avoid that information. Ensure that your CV is precise and relevant keywords are incorporated. Your resume is the foundation of your job, so it’s imperative to prepare it at par so that your resume gets attention not only scanning. The less you write, the more powerful it will be.

3. Tailor your resume to the job description

If you want your resume to be more effective and efficient, and to be noticed by recruiters more, you can customize it as per the requirement for each job description. Research for the company, analyze the job description and use the job ad to gauge which skills you need to highlight and which are not relevant. Employers look for candidates who can do best for their company, and match their roles and responsibilities. If done correctly it will improve the job applications and impress the recruiter as well.

4. Be honest

Many job aspirants feel that they do not possess the skills and traits that employers are looking for. So, when it comes to writing their resume, they polish their resume in such a way that they look better qualified and capable for the job.  But unfortunately, it may backfire on the person too during the interview too. It may tarnish your reputation and even lose the job. Some companies also verify the background of candidates and can know the truth. Hence, it’s better not to cheat yourself and be honest about and everything. Make yourself stand out by your strongest skills and experiences.

5. Correct spelling and grammar

Did you know that poor grammar and spelling can let your resume discarded? And you don’t want that, right? So, it’s better to make use of the features of the word program and spell-check. You can even ask someone to proofread your resume for you. It’s very important to read and re-read your resume. It’s hard to reach the interview stage, and you cannot miss this chance by petty errors.

6. Make sure the basic information is correct

It’s one of the basic elements of a resume that you need to take care of. Mention your correct contact number on your resume. You should correctly cover the common sections like work experience, qualifications, education, achievements, and references.

7. Self-promotion

As you know, that your resume speaks about yourself. It’s very important to promote and highlight your skills. The important skills which you can include are leadership, time-management, teamwork problem-solving, communication, digital, or industry-specific skills. The employers should understand that you carry relevant skills which he is looking for. You should also include links to portfolios, blogs, or anything else that not only exhibits your skills but also makes you exceptional.

8. Keep your resume up-to-date

It’s vital to review your CV on a consistent basis and add any new skills or participation that’s missing. For example, if you’ve worked on a new project, or voluntarily handled any team with your knowledge and experience you can mention it. This may be an added advantage as it may show how potential you are and working hard to achieve the goals.

9. Be consistent

If you use all caps to present the name of your most recent company, then you should use all caps to present the names of your previous workplaces as well. Similar errors include having one headline with initial capitals and another without, having one set of numbers as words and another as numerals. Or, another classic is that part of a CV is written in the third person while another part of it is written in the first person. If you’re consistent throughout your resume, you’ll subtly establish a reading pattern for employers that will help them to read your resume in an eloquent way.

10. Cover letter 

One should always submit a cover letter with your resume.  A cover letter gives you the opportunity to cover the details that your resume does not include. For instance, gaps in employment with reasonable explanations can be addressed through the cover letter. Make sure to keep the cover letter targeted and short. It’s again important to customize your cover letter for each job.

Remember, to write your resume well and always try to use powerful words. Don’t forget your resume represents you and helps you to get a job.

We wish you luck with your next interview!

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