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Times Spark Scholarship: 7 Key Details and 7 Tips for the Applicants: Expired

Times Spark Scholarship by the Times of India has caught the imagination of youngsters across India.

Here are 10 things you need to know about it before applying:

1. What is Times Spark Scholarship?
Times Spark is an initiative by Times of India to encourage students of classes 9 – 12 to develop a reading habit that helps them understand about our society and environment, so that they can go on to write the future.

2. What’s the scholarship amount?

Upto 400 students will get an educational grant ranging from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 2 Lakh.

3. What is the eligibility criteria for the Times Spark Scholarship?

Students of class 9 to 12 can apply for this programme.

  • Level 1 – Students with birthdate from 01-07-2001 to 30-06-2004
  • Level 2 – Students with birthdate from 01-07-1998 to 30-06-2001
4. What is the last date for registration?

August 15.

5. How can I reach the authorities?

For any queries, please call +91-9833431076 or send an email to

6. How will the process of getting the scholarship work?

The Times of India will publish articles on various issues and help students understand various subjects. After this, there will be an online test and an interview to test the student’s understand and perspectives.
You can think of this as a reading comprehension and a general knowledge exercise.

7. What are the important dates?
  • Registrations start: July 25.
  • Registrations close: August 15 August 30 (the date has now been extended)
  • Articles start appearing in the paper: September 5 (Teacher’s day)
  • Online test: Mid December
  • Interviews: Early Jan 2018
  • Results declaration: Jan 26, 2018

Full complete details visit the official website here.

times spark scholarship

7 tips for the Times Spark scholarship by NoticeBard’s founder:

1. Read the Times of India’s article carefully starting from September 5.
2. To develop a further understanding on the articles/issues, you can read from other sources as well.
3. At the same time it’s important to smartly understand Times of India’s position on these issues.
4. Try remembering the names of the authors who are writing on these issues. Some of them are famous and it won’t be tough to remember their names?
5. Read Norman Lewis’ book on ‘how to read better and faster‘.
6. Do not cram/memorise. Try to develop a deep understanding of the issue and even your own perspectives on the issue. Just because you are young doesn’t mean you can’t have your own perspective!
7. Have fun. 🙂 Be sincere, not serious!

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Click here for Times Spark exam preparation guidelines. 

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