Times Spark Scholarship Exam: Preparation Guidelines; Final Scholarship Test on January 7

The final Times Spark Exam will be conducted on January 7, 2018 at 5PM.
times spark exam guidelines
*** First published on August 27, Added update on Oct 5 ***

Times Spark Scholarship Guidelines

The following are guidelines to be followed to successfully become a Times Spark Scholar.

  1. Subscribe to The Times of India: From 5th September, there would be one article every day in TOI marked ‘Times Spark’. In case you have difficulty acquiring a subscription, please send an email to times.spark@timesgroup.com.
  2. The Times Spark Scholarship Exam will be held on 10th December 2017  7th January, 2018 at 5PM.
  3. It will be an online exam for which you would need to login into your account on https://www.timesspark.com/ using the user name and password that you created during registration.You would need to logon on/before 11 AM on 10th December 2017.
  4. You will get one hour to answer 90 questions that will have multiple choice answers for you to choose from. These questions will be based on articles that you have read in The Times of India on a daily basis.
  5. To help you prepare for the actual exam, there will be online practice tests from time to time. You will be notified in advance through e-mail for these tests. Performance in these practice tests have no bearing on the final exam.
  6. On the basis of the scores in the final exam, 800-1000 students will be shortlisted for an interview. On the basis of the interview, which will test you for general awareness based upon the same articles, you could qualify for the scholarship. The ranking will result from how well you do in your interview.

Times Spark Mock Test Date

The first mock test on www.timesspark.com was conducted on Oct 10.
The second mock test was conducted on Nov 19.
The third mock test will be held on Dec 3. 
The Final Times Spark Scholarship Exam will be held on January 7, 5PM.

Video to help you prepare for Times Spark Test

For the convenience of students, we will attempt to post the list of articles to be studied on this page.


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