Tide Turners Plastic Challenge by UN Environment Program: Registrations Open


The Tide Turners Plastic Challenge is a global youth movement to fight plastic pollution around the world. It is designed to inspire young adults to reflect upon their plastic consumption, discover solutions to reduce this consumption, and lead change in their homes, communities, institutions, and offices.

By joining the challenge, you will be part of an entire generation of young leaders who are changing the world, one action at a time!

Why Should you Participate?
  1. Knowledge: You will learn about the negative impacts of plastic pollution on nature and man, and feel inspired to change your own plastic use, and encourage others around you. When we know better, we do better!
  2. Action: This planet is our home, and it is our responsibility to keep it safe and clean. In India, each individual consumes close to 11 kgs of plastic annually. This is why every individual action matters!
  3. Leadership: Plastic pollution is a man-made problem, and we all must do our part to solve it. This is your chance to be a champion in your community and lead change!
Who can Participate?

Everyone is welcome! All you need is a desire to make a difference. This challenge is open to all students and teachers from any course, stream or grade in college or school. The only qualification required is a commitment to change your own lifestyle, and inspire others around you!

How to Participate?


  • Register now and fill out your details
  • Log into your dashboard
  • Read the Plastic Tide-Turners Toolkit
  • Start the first level

Entry Level

  • Check your plastic footprint
  • Learn through fun
  • Understand the scoop on plastic
  • Take the first step to be a plastic warrior

Leader Level

  • Organize a talk on the issue
  • Explore and share
  • Tag the litter
  • Take the plastic resolution

Champion Level

  • Plastic waste management warriors
  • Plastic persuasion
  • Create a movement of change
  • Take it to the head of your School/College
  • Check your plastic footprint


  • Complete the challenge
  • Download your certificate
  • Bask in the glory of the change you made!

To register for the challenge, click here.


Email ID: tideturner@ceeindia.org

For further details, click here.


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