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Course on Theory and Technology of Silicon Solar Cells @ IIT Bombay [Sept 26-28]: Register by September 13: Expired


Silicon PV technology dominates the global PV market with more than 95% of the market share. With the Government of India announcing policies to encourage domestic manufacturing of PV system components in the country, excellent opportunities for high tech employment generation in the PV sector in the country is anticipated.
In the meanwhile, research, and development efforts to improve the efficiency of solar cells and lower the cost continue. The National Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education (NCPRE) at IIT Bombay is the premier research center in the field of PV in the country, with a very active research program in the field of silicon PV.
NCPRE has developed 6 inch X 6-inch silicon solar cells with active area efficiency of 21.3%. The course would cover the following topics.

Course Outline
  • Introduction to the physics of semiconductor devices (band diagram, optical absorption, generation-recombination, transport, pn-junction diode characteristics) –
  • Theory of silicon solar cells (characteristics of silicon solar cell, design of silicon solar cells – optical design, junctions, passivation, the impact of these parameters on solar cell characteristics, IV measurements, quantum efficiency measurements) –
  • Fabrication of low – cost industrial full area Al – BSF and local area Al BSF (PERC) silicon (both mono and multi) wafer solar cells –
  • Simulation of a solar cell using PC1D: a practical session –
  • Loss analysis of solar cells: a practical session –
  • Luminescence imaging and Light Beam Induced Current (LBIC) characterization of Si wafer & solar cells for the process, device development and diagnostics –
  • Advanced silicon solar cells.
Who May Benefit
  • Students, faculty members and researchers from academia,
  • researchers from R&D institutions, people looking for career opportunities in this sector,
  • practicing engineers in the PV sector, industry personal,
  • researchers in the policy sector looking to develop a deep understanding of the silicon PV technology.

The course would include hands-on sessions on simulation of solar cells and loss analysis of AI-BSF cells. The participants should bring a laptop running Windows OS. There would be visits to NCPRE silicon solar cell fabrication (6 inch X 6-inch cells are fabricated routinely) and characterization facilities. You may also get an opportunity to visit our module characterization and fabrication facilities if there is a specific interest.

Registration and Fees
  • Academia: INR 12000
  • Govt. Organization: INR 20000
  • Industry: INR 20000
  • Overseas / Foreign National: INR 25000
  • Student (Full Time): INR 6000

Interested candidates can register by clicking here.


Phone Number: +91 (22) 2572 2545

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