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Techno-Cultural Festival “Tirutsava” 2021 by IIT Tirupati [Feb 25-28]: Registrations Open

Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati is proud to announce that its annual four day techno-cultural festival “Tirutsava” is back in motion and is scheduled to be held in the last week of February.

To everyone outside IIT Tirupati, Tirutsava is a high profile student festival that attracts students from colleges all around India to participate, compete and showcase their talents every year. To those within the institute, Tirutsava is a product of passion and team work, driven by a vision – to become the best institutional event that connects like-minded people and attracts talent from across the country.

  • Cultural Events:
    Crescendo: There’s absolutely no one in this world who can’t sing, and that’s a fact. While all of us don’t essentially like to sing on a stage with around two hundred people in front of us, most of us are busy performing concerts while taking a shower.
    Cricket-O-Mania: Are you a cricket fan? ( Of course you are, this is India, what was I even thinking about). Surely you must be frustrated watching your favorite IPL team at the auction table year after year making bids which make absolutely no sense, at least in your opinion.
    Crime Busters: Tirutsava ‘21 needs your help ladies and gentlemen. There has been a crime scene and we need to catch the murderer before he goes on a killing spree ( ok, sorry ladies it can be a she too). We tried contacting Sherlock Holmes but then realised he isn’t even real.
    Enigma: Are you a person who loves solving mind-bending puzzles and brain teasers? Are you someone who is looking for a challenge, a race against time to soothe your neurons? Are you the person who cracked the famous Enigma Code?
    Revup: Tirutsava ’21 brings you Revup , an online solo dance competition ( well the dance is offline obviously ).
    Knock Stalk: Are you someone who loves stalking people? Most probably yes. But do you stalk people for the right reasons? Most probably not. Do you want to participate in a stalking competition and win exciting prizes while showcasing your stalking skills? You probably should. Tirutsava ‘21 brings to you a one of a kind event called Knock Stalk . 
    The Big Brand Theory: Have you ever played the good old Tambola or Housie? You probably would have ( If not, what were you doing in your childhood? ). But I’m guessing you would never have played a game of Tambola which requires the knowledge of brands and their infographics , instead of plain luck to win the game.
    Pop Culture Quiz: Pop culture is everywhere. You know it when you surf the Internet, listen to music, watch television, app-gaming or go to a movie, concert, or stage show.

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  • Informal Events:
    Online Blitz Chess- Get ready to unleash the black and white mastermind within you as Tirutsava ‘21 brings you Online Blitz Chess. Remember that you don’t have to play well, it’s enough to play better than your opponent.
  • Literary Events:
    Antargyan: Do you know who is the president of Wakanda? Do you keep on bothering others while watching Kon Banega Crorepati by your exact answers?
    Skip It: Imagine The Wolf of Wall Street without the f word. Imagine Joe Rogan Podcast without the words It’s Entirely Possible. Imagine Marvel without the words I am Iron Man. Imagine your Biography without the name of that special Her/Him.
    JAM: The men who can sell Diesel truck to Greta Thunberg or the men who can sell sand to camels or the men who can pump up a donkey with their words.

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  • Technical Events:
    Ninja Prestige: What is common between a Ninja and a coder. Yep, both of them fight relying purely on their skills and wits. Team Tirutsava in collaboration with Coding Ninja invites you to a duel.
    Robotic Autobots Ideathon: It’s a war and it’s Autobots vs Decepticons. The Autobots require your assistance to win this deathmatch. Your ideas can help in turning the tide in the war against Decepticons. Your support to this cause before 18 Feb 2021 and submit your idea or prototype in ppt of video format.
    B- PLANNER: For all who see problems as locks waiting for a key and feel that their solutions will unlock the gates to silicon valley, rejoice now it is your time to shine. Pitch your idea and get it evaluated by the best of the best in the industry.
    Data Science Competition: Does data crunching excite you? Do you have the mental strength to become kaggle warriors and compete with fellow geeks on Kaggle? Of course, it doesn’t sound cool unless you make your PC/ Laptop fans roar louder than the cars in fast and furious, so you are welcome to do just that.
    Web Design: Team tirutsava is looking for people who have a good eye for design and golden fingers to whip up a css + html code to match that. If you node.js then that’s cherry on the cake.
    Capture the Flag: For geeks out there who think they can look cooler than Keanu Reeves’s buddies in Matrix in busting the firewalls of an operating system, team Tirutsava brings to you CTF. Use Bash terminal commands to make a death flag for a vulnerable OS and make Tirutsava’s Dark lord smile and take away exciting prizes.
    Graferrifix: To guys and girls out there using photoshop to create online personas even better than the real thing let team tirutsava judge your skills. Take whatever you want from the world wide web and submit your beautiful creations and we would judge it no questions asked.
    Biz Quiz: All MBA aspirants and economics students are invited to this fun quiz where you can check your business knowledge. Be quick, play smart, and don’t let business freak in you lose this opportunity.
  • Interested candidates can register via this page.
  • There is no registration fee.

Aditya Gupta
Email: ce18b002[at]
Call: 7617380296

A V Sai Pavan
Email: ee17b003[at]
Call: 9494242610

Techno-Cultural Festival “Tirutsava” 2021 by IIT Tirupati.

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