FICCI Webinar on Air quality management

Technical Webinar on Air Quality Management in Industries by FICCI [Jun 24, 3 PM]: Registrations Open

About the Webinar

Due to growing regulatory needs and also social pressure, industries are seeking validated methods and procedures to demonstrate compliance with the National Air Quality Standards in complex industrial facilities.

While the industries are adopting both continuous emission monitoring systems and continuous air quality monitoring systems, there is a need to analyse and interpret the data thus measured to identify the effectiveness air quality management programs adopted, which will be useful to develop CEO’s environmental dash boards and preventive and corrective actions to meet the regulatory compliance and avoid any social pressure due to air pollution episodes

  • Basic Concepts of Air Quality Management,
  • Emission Standards, Measurement and Reporting,
  • Selection of Air Quality Monitoring Programs,
  • Predicting & Monitoring Air Quality Impacts from Industrial Operations,
  • Methods for Diagnosing Air Pollution Episodes,
  • Common Challenges of Continuous Monitoring Systems,
  • Methods for Demonstrate Compliance Reporting and
  • Basics of Odour Monitoring

Interested candidates can register for the same here.


Surender Kr. Verma
M: 9818186253
E: surender.verma[at]

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