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Techkriti 2021- Technical and Entrepreneurship Fest at IIT Kanpur [Mar 12-14]: Register Now

About the Workshop

Techkriti is an annual four-day Inter-collegiate Technical and Entrepreneurship festival organized by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur which is held each March. The word Techkriti is derived from tech (technology) and the Sanskrit kriti (creation). The festival began in 1995 to develop student technological innovation.

27th edition will be held from 12th to 14th March 2021.

Our efforts, work, and thoughts, all are synced to one simple thing only – help our society as much as we can. To ensure our goal, we have set up an international platform for the people to innovate and compete. Here, at Techkriti we truly believe that this can be done by having competitions and letting people crave for the best.

In the process, everyone from society will eventually lead to a better place. Over the years Techkriti has mapped human existence with technology and this year we will explore the non-existent. Techkriti’21 presents it’s theme “Realm of Virtuality” to celebrate the new era of virtualization that will dawn on human existence.

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Event details
  • Competitions: Technology, Entrepreneurial & Miscellaneous.
  • Workshop: Startup & Entrepreneurship, Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security, IoT and Smart Home Automation, Android App Development, Bridge Design Challenge, Drone – Quadcopter, Automotive Engineering and IC Engine, Humanoid Robotics, Python Programming, Web Development, Cryptocurrency, Web Development, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing.
  • Talk Series.

Ankur Bajaj
Call: +91-8545851650
Email: ankur[at]

Ayush I P
Call: +91-9839250859
Email: ipayush[at]

Register here for Techkriti 2021- Technical and Entrepreneurship Fest at IIT Kanpur.

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