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B.Sc Teachers Training Programme at IISc Bangalore [Nov 22-Dec 12]: Apply by Oct 20: Expired

About IISc

Established in 1909, IISc is India’s leading institution of advanced education and research in the sciences and in engineering. From its beginnings, IISc has laid equal emphasis on fundamental investigations and the solution of practical problems in such a setting.

 IISc’s reputation and preeminence ensures that it attracts the best of young faculty members trained in the best laboratories around the world. Our faculty, numbering around 500, carries out research across 42 departments in most areas of the basic and applied sciences, publishing vigorously in premier journals.

About the B.Sc Teachers Training Program

The B.Sc teachers training program is going to be held at TDC IISc Challakere campus from 22nd November to 12th December 2019 in the following subjects :  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology.

Programme details

  • Physics: Mathematical Physics; Classical and Quantum Mechanics; Electricity and magnetism; Electrodynamics; Nuclear Physics; Thermodynamics; Statistical Mechanics; Solid state Physics; Modern Physics; Electronics and Astrophysics
  • Chemistry:  Electronic structure of atoms, molecules, chemical bonding, valence, oxidation state, photoelectron spectroscopy. Gases, liquids and thermodynamics. Solutions- chemical equilibrium. Electrochemistry. Inorganic Chemistry – s, p, d and f block elements and the periodic table, coordination chemistry, organo-metallic and nuclear chemistry. Solids – Solid state chemistry, adsorption, kinetics of reactions, catalysis and photochemistry. Organic Chemistry, Spectroscopy – organic and inorganic molecules.
  • Mathematics: Classical Algebra, Modern Algebra, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis  Differential Equations, Vector Calculus and Numerical Analysis
  • Biology: Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Ecology, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Physiology, Structural Biology and Zoology.

Application Process

Interested and eligible candidates can download the application form by clicking here.
Candidates should send the duly filled form to gajananaj[at]iisc.ac.in .


Physics: Dr. K. Jugeshwar Singh
Phone No: 9591187128
E-mail: jugeshwars[at]iisc.ac.in

Biology: Dr. S. Aravinda
Phone No: 9487637218
E-mail: aravindas[at]iisc.ac.in

Mathematics: Professor C. R. Praneshachar
Phone No: 9740134731
E-mail: pran[at]alumni.iisc.ac.in

Chemistry: Professor M S Hegde
Phone No: 9448191880
E-mail: mshegde[at]iisc.ac.in

For more details, click here.

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