Talk on Start Up and Entrepreneurship: A Growing Ecosystem in India by SVNIT Surat (SCOSH Club) [Aug 21]: Register Now!

STAR has collaborated with the SCOSH Club of SVNIT, Surat, to deliver a talk on Start Up and Entrepreneurship: A Growing Ecosystem in India.

About SVNIT Surat

Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat popularly known as National Institute of Technology, Surat, NIT Surat or SVNIT, is an engineering institute of higher education established by the Parliament of India in 1961. Its mission is – “To be a globally accepted centre of excellence in technical education catalysing absorption, innovation, diffusion and transfer of high technologies resulting in enhanced quality for all the stake holders”

About SCOSH Club

The Society for Cultivation of Science and Humanities (SCOSH) is a student chapter of SVNIT that aims to develop and nurture scientific temperament among students. They conduct various events year-round to instil the culture of science entertainingly. Our main aim is to build a human stack-exchange and thus build a strong scientific community across the nation.

With their guiding motto, “small steps make a big one” they carry forward our goal of creating a scientific society with a great team. At SCOSH, they integrate our passion for science with other skills such as content writing, management, administration and technical skills. SCOSH has been a witness to many great journeys that started here with a small step and we look forward to being a part of many more.

About STAR

STAR is a Space Education & Research-based start-up that firmly believes that Space is for everyone. With more than 60 launches, 12000+ students outreach and 40+ collaborations, STAR provides project-based learning and hands-on experience on space technologies to young minds. We are an experienced team with 5+ years of experience in building state of art technologies.

STAR’s Vision: To make space education accessible for everyone

STAR’s Mission: To Provide project-based learning experience for overall development of aspiring space pioneers

Now, STAR has collaborated with the Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat (SVNIT, Surat) to have an interesting talk on Start Up and Entrepreneurship: A Growing Ecosystem. 

It will be delivered by Mr. Sunny Kabrawala: Founder and Director, STAR.

Sunny Kabrawala Star Lab 1
Talk on Start Up and Entrepreneurship: A Growing Ecosystem in India by SCOSH Club, SVNIT, Surat [Aug 21]: Register Now!
Webinar Details
  • Date: 21st August 2021 (Saturday)
  • Time: 11.00 AM

College students, Industry experts, High School students (11th/12th), anyone interested in Astronomy and Astrophysics or Aerospace can apply.

  • To register for this event, click here.
  • There are no registration fees for the event.

Om Desai

Sidharth Ramesh
Call: 8139880314

Email: svnit.scosh[at]

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