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Internship Opportunity @ Nivea, Germany [Aug-Sep]: Applications Open

Beiersdorf, Germany invites applications for internships in all departments, including Marketing & Sales, Finance & Controlling, Supply Chain Management, Research & Development and Human Resources. During your three- or six-month internship, you will get your own project responsibility and receive deep insights into the daily business of your team. Eligibility The final phase of your degree is just around the corner. You have already been able to gather relevant practical experience. You have been abroad during your studies or internships. …

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UNFCC Internship

Internship @ UNFCC [Germany]: Apply by Oct 6

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the focus of the political process to address Climate Change. The Convention secretariat supports the Convention and its Kyoto Protocol through a range of activities, including substantive and organizational support to meetings of the Parties. Objectives of the internship assignment: The intern will work with the members of the IVR sub programme and under the supervision of the lead officer for the loss and damage work stream. The particular functions …

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