Synergy Model United Nations Conference @ Grand Columbus International School, Faridabad [June 16-17]: Registrations Open

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
We, at Synergy Model United Nations, believe that in order to develop understanding an intellectual discussion is necessary. It is time to take up the discussion over governance, security and equality and to assess our limits and our ambitions.
Register for the First Round of the Delegate Applications at Synergy Model United Nations where prudence will not just be used for precaution but also for progress.

Dates: 16th -17th June 2018
Venue: Grand Columbus International School, Faridabad
The committees and agendas are mentioned below :-
1. United Nations General Assembly- DISEC: Role of Science and Technology in Warzones
Co-Chairperson: Anuj Gandhi
Co-Chairperson: Varad Choudhary
Matrix: Click here
2. United Nations Human Rights Council: Atrocities over Civilians by UNPKF
Chairperson: Bhawna Chowdhary
Vice Chairperson: Srijan Vaish
Matrix: Click here
3. United Nations Women: Protecting Rights of Women in Areas of Armed Conflict with Special Emphasis on UNSC Resolution 1325
Chairperson: Arjita Bhan
Vice Chairperson: Karan Pawani
Matrix: Click here
4. Lok Sabha: Discussing Indian Penal Code, 1860 in context of Gender Neutrality 
Moderator: Gopesh Jindal
Deputy Moderator: Vanshika Chaudhary
Matrix: Click here
5. United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs: Review on conventions tackling cross border illicit drug trade
Chairperson: Soumya Basu
Vice Chairperson: Fagun Sahni
Matrix: Click here
Delegate Fees: INR 2000
Application Link: Click here
International Press Applications: Click here
Institutional Delegation Applications: Click here
Write us to synergymun@gmail.com or call

  • Saurav Bajaj: 9953162620
  • Deepti Kukreja: 7065281442
  • Mayank Singhal: 9716143676

for any queries.

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