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Sympulse ’20: International Fest @ Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies [Pune, Jan 15-19]: Registrations Open

Sympulse 20 International Fest Symbiosis Centre Management StudiesAbout

We present to you, the biggest college fest in Pune. Sympulse, with its inception in the year 2009, is the international student fest of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Pune. Spread across a span of five days, the fest provides students from junior and under graduate colleges a chance to participate and explore.

Be it an exposure to the different worlds of business and management, a chance to discuss world issues at an international model UN conference, participating and showcasing talent in a cultural extravaganza or showing their competitive spirit through sports, Sympulse has it all.

With immense and growing national and international participation, Sympulse aims at being one of the premier fests of the country and an unforgettable experience for all.

Wings Under Sympulse 2020

Symulate attracts the best brains from all over the country and gives them a common platform to compete and demonstrate their ability in events ranging from Finance, Best Manager, Best Entrepreneur to Business Quest. Eligibility; Under Graduate Student

  • SIMUNC: Symbiosis International Model United Nations Conference

Symbiosis International Model United Nations Conference 2019 is the tenth MUN iteration of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, based on the model working of United Nations and it’s various committees.

  • Ananya: The Cultural Extravaganza

Culture is in our blood and helps discover our passion. Teamwork- our strength; our ultimate motivation!

From the most exotic automobiles to sublime bands and pulse throbbing beats, Headline events are always a buzz with excitement.

  • Sprint: International Sports Fest

The international sports meet of Sympulse witnesses the largest congregation. It provides a refreshing combination of traditional and innovative sports.


For any queries, contact

  • Participation
    Sanah Jain: +91 9015685086
    E-mail: domestic.relations@sympulsefest.com
  • General Queries
    Arihant Chordia: +91 8390747781
    E-mail: arihant.chordia@sympulsefest.com
  • Sponsorship & Association
    Krishnaji Sanas: +91 9923046336
    E-mail: krishnaji.sanas@sympulsefest.com

For any further information, visit the website here

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