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CfP: Symposium on Engineering meets Evolution: Designing Biological Systems at IIT Madras [Jan 30- Feb 1]: Submit by Nov 30: Expired


As engineers strive to create complex systems, biologists have strived to understand the evolved complexities of biological systems. This Symposium will bring together biologists, engineers, and theoreticians to discuss exciting advancements and exchange ideas and challenges in the field of synthetic biology.

The invited speakers are leaders in the fields of synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, and microbial communities. There will also be a panel discussion on the future of biology as an engineering discipline. Set in the beautiful campus of India’s top-ranked Institute, this Symposium will bring together minds to further biological advances drawing on engineering principles.

  • Thinking big: engineering SynBio interventions on a global scale
  • Programming biological functions in synthetic microbes
  • Building synthetic organisms for a trip to Mars
  • The RNA world and how to capitalize on it
  • Non-trivial topology as a tool to engineer proteins
  • Building synthetic metabolisms in environmental bacteria to access added-value new-to-nature products
  • Engineering complex metabolic traits in microorganisms
  • Cell-free synthetic biology – From prototyping to biosynthetic pathway engineering to natural product discovery
  • Assembly and evolution of synthetic microbial communities
  • Phototrophic microbial communities – hotbeds of genetic diversity
  • Synthetic biology tools for microbial engineering
  • Understanding metabolic interactions in microbial communities
  • Scaling up biocatalysis: from the test tube to the bioreactor
Selection Criteria
  • To select applicants for participation in the Symposium, the abstracts submitted during registration will be screened by a team of experts.
  • The criteria for selection will include the relevance of the abstract to the selected session, scientific quality, and novelty of the work described in the abstract, as well as past work carried out by the authors in synthetic biology.
  • Undergraduates and junior Ph.D. students are welcome to apply without an abstract. Instead of an abstract, they should submit a motivation letter describing how attending this Symposium would be beneficial to them
  1. To register for the symposium and submit the abstracts, click here.
  2. The last date to register is November 30, 2019.

Phone Number: +91 4422578987

Email ID: indiaembo@wmail.iitm.ac.in

For further details, click here.


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