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Swaraj Yatra by Travellers’ University and Expressive Arts [Feb 28-March 7, Nagpur]: Registrations Open: Expired

Travellers’ University and Expressive Arts invite you to explore, understand and dive deeper into the Gandhian thought of SWARAJ. This understanding will be well supported by travelling and meeting individuals and communities who are experimenting and consciously trying to implement Swaraj in their lives.

We all at some point of our lives have asked some fundamental and core questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is my purpose?
  3. Am I a slave?
  4. Who navigates my journey?

If you are willing to explore such questions and more, this is the right opportunity to ignite a movement within.

6 Destinations, Powerful and Value-based organisations, Inspiring and Passionate people and Plentiful Moving Real Stories!

The places include Nagpur, Wardha, Anandwan, Hemalkasa and Menda Lekha.

A facilitated journey that will help you reflect and dive deeper into these experiences and collectively build new perspectives.

What do we understand by SWARAJ?

Literally, it means self-rule. What is this rule that we are speaking about? Is it possible to attain individual self-reliance?

Can we truly be independent or inter-dependence is inevitable?

Can we attain it individually or collectively?

Holding these questions in our hearts, it’s time to understand the impacts of globalization, colonization and capitalism in our day to day lives.

Where is it leading us and our society?

There are several such organisations who have understood the impacts and have brought in more such creative and conscious alternatives to many such exploitative systems.

Its time to navigate our lives, the way we want, to learn from our roots, be self reliant and form healthier communities.

This Yatra is designed for all of us to collectively come together to study and understand how the concepts of Swaraj can be lived.It is envisioned with an intention to inspire ideas, learnings and collaborations towards re-imagining and reclaiming Swaraj. It encompasses visits to communities that are living the values of self governance, sustainability, promoting local economies and holistic well being across the central part of India.

The people we would meet would include social activists, cultural thinkers, grass root workers in sustainable development, researchers.

Yatra will commence from Nagpur on 28th February 2019 and ends in Nagpur on 7th March 2019.

The details of the places we would visit is attached with the mail.

Who will benefit from the experience?

People who are questioning the present norms of the society and find themselves helpless about it.

People who are willing to move towards a sustainable lifestyle but are not sure how.

People interested to understand localisation and Gandhian philosophies around development and work.

People who would like to study or understand more about conscious and consensual decision making with power rested with local people and not being provided from an external agency.
Social Entrepreneurs.

What will one gain?

Different perspectives on a conscious sustainable way of living.

A lot of encouragement to create an outer reality in alignment with one’s inner values/truth.

An understanding of different economic models and how localization of goods and resources serves all beings.

Break stereotypes of what a happy, fulfilled and successful life is.

The true essence of the beauty of community living and meetings with people who are a powerful epitome of fearlessness, courage and compassion.


Since there is no sponsorship/ funding involved, we suggest a financial contribution on a sliding scale of INR 13,000-16,000 inclusive of food, accommodation and travel from Nagpur for 8 days

13K is the logistics cost and if you pay more than that it will help take care of the facilitators’ travel and management expenses. The surplus money that you offer from your heart will also help us support scholarships for others who cannot afford to pay for the journey.

In any case, money shouldn’t be a reason for not participating.


Click here to register online.


For any queries or further information please contact:

  • Rahul Karanpuriya: 7568515878
  • Arti Bhandari: 9423866637

You can write to us at

swaraj yatra nagpur

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