Admissions Open: Khojis @ Swaraj University, Udaipur for 2019-21: Register Now!

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IMAGINE the joy of living your dreams by taking your learning in to your own hands! Imagine infusing your work with a sense of service and being a co-creator of a caring new world!
Be a Khoji – learn, explore and be a part of a community of life long learners engaged in all this.
Admissions are now open at Swaraj University for the 10th cohort of Khojis (learners) 2019-21.

About the Khoji Programme

Swaraj University is a unique two year self-designed learning program for youth that builds deeper perspectives on self, environment and society. It supports youth to identify their hearts’ vision and build livelihoods true to their talents, dreams and what is needed in the world today.
The program of study at Swaraj University is based on the principles of self-designed learning, which means that learners will direct their learning, driven by their passions, in a nurturing and conducive environment.
In this program, we would not only re-define the processes of learning but also the content and the outcome of the learning. The focus of this program is to prepare youth to start their own ‘green’ ventures in their communities rather than merely getting ‘a job’.
Here learners will get the opportunity to get exposed to and then gain mastery in livelihood streams of action-knowledge that are based on principles of ecological sustainability, localization, social justice and social innovation.  Some of the ‘green enterprise’ areas that learners would delve deeply into include, but are not limited to :

  1. Organic farming and organic stores
  2. Zero waste crafts
  3. Community media and publishing
  4. Self-healing techniques and products
  5. Cooking with indigenous local grains and health foods
  6. Eco-building, architecture and alternative energy
  7. Natural fabrics and fashions
  8. Beyond schooling and learning for the 21st century

In addition to this, learners will have the choice to participate in workshops featuring basic entrepreneurial skills and other skills such as: communication, facilitation and group dialogue, computers, finance, marketing, cooking, sewing, farming, yoga, film-making, web design and blogging, desktop publishing, writing of proposals and business plans, documentation, working English, etc.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
How to register

Register at this page.
Orientation session dates are as follows.
​​10th – 12th May 2019
​28th – 30th June 2019
26th – 28th July 2019
Mark the dates and attend any one of the upcoming orientations at our Udaipur campus.


Email at:
Phone +91 8239471347

Click here for the website and follow this Facebook page for updates.

Swaraj University Udaipur Admissions 2019

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