Swachhta Saarthi Fellowship 2021 by Govt of India: Apply by Mar 19: Expired

The Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India under its “Waste to Wealth” Mission invites applications for the award of “Swachhta Saarthi Fellowship” to recognize students, community workers/self-help groups, and municipal/sanitary workers who are engaged in tackling the enormous challenge of waste management, scientifically and sustainably.

The fellowship is an initiative to empower young innovators who are engaged in community work of waste management/awareness campaigns/waste surveys/studies, etc. as Swachhta Saarthis and implement actions to reduce waste for a greener planet.

The role of young students from schools and colleges, and citizens working in the community through Self Help Groups (SHGs), or in independent capacity, is key in sensitizing the communities towards waste management and offer innovative solutions for conversion of waste to value. This fellowship is aimed to empower interested students and citizens to continuously engage in their attempts to reduce waste in cities and rural areas.

  • School students from 9th to 12th standards engaged in waste management community work come under Category-A
  • College students from College/University/Institutions – UG, PG & Research students engaged in waste management community work come under Category-B
  • Citizens working in the community and through Self Help Groups (SHGs), municipal or sanitary workers working beyond specifications of their job requirement/descriptions come under Category-C. A maximum of 2 citizens from the same SHG can apply.

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Selection Criteria
  • Relevance of the work already done by the applicants
  • Innovative solutions implemented in their activities
  • Practicality for replication of the activities undertaken
  • Engagement of the peers / community
  • Proposed action plan for a year
  • Expected outcome and impact
  • In category A, Swachta Saarthis will receive Rs. 500/- per month for a period of 1 year
  • In category B, Swachta Saarthis will receive Rs. 1,000/- per month for a period of 1 year
  • In category C, Swachta Saarthis will receive Rs. 2,000/- per month for a period of 1 year
  • Best performing fellow in each category will be recognised as the Swachta Saarthi of month
  • At end of the year, 10 best innovative projects / initiatives / demo model/ prototypes/ reports will gain recognition under the programme.
Important date
  • 17 Feb: Start Date and Time
  • 19 Mar: Closing of Application
  • 15 Apr: Announcement of Result

Interested candidates can register via this page.


Email: sbub[at]investindia.org.in

Swachhta Saarthi Fellowship 2021 by Govt of India.


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