Call for Proposals: Support Networking Activities under Indo-Belgian Research & Technology Cooperation by DBT & DST: Submit by Sept 17: Expired


Within the framework of the Agreement between Belgium and India on cooperation in the fields of science and technology and the fifth ‘Joint Commission’ meeting on 18th January 2021, it was decided to organize a 4th call for proposals for networking activities by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO), the Indian Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Indian Department of
Biotechnology (DBT).

This Networking call co-funded by both parties aims at supporting exchanges that leverage long-term research cooperation between multiple Belgian and Indian Research institutions, based on existing infrastructure, with a significant impact on a priority research area.

Focus Areas

Scope of the call on following areas with DBT is:

  • Marine Biotechnology- focus on marine organisms for industrial use, bioprospecting for bioactive from marine microorganisms, algae, seaweeds, fish, and crustacean farming.
  • Life science focused on micro-organisms -focus on Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) with One Health Approach and Environmental Bioremediation. Interdisciplinary networks are particularly welcomed.

Focus areas with DST:

  • Space, including astronomy, solar physics, and
  • remote sensing
  • Marine sciences
  • Geology Cybersecurity

The maximum budget per proposal to be granted to the Belgian partner is 35.000 EUR or Rs. 35 Lakhs (upper limit) to Indian partners. On the Indian side, DST/ DBT will provide funding support to the Coordinating Indian institute. Funds to other Indian nodes would be provided through the Coordinating Indian Institute. Institutional Overhead and contingency support will be determined in accordance with the specific norms of DST/ DBT.

Eligibility Criteria
  1. For India, academicians and scientists already have grants on a research project funded by science funding agencies.
  2. One PI/ Coordinator each from India and Belgium. Additional Co-PIs/ Partners (up to 5) on each side are also allowed.
  3. The Coordinator and Partners should be either scientists or faculty members employed by government-recognized universities, academic institutes, or national research and development laboratories or institutes.
  4. The Coordinator and the Partners must have a proven high scientific reputation.
  5. Proposals must be submitted by each scientific Coordinator, who will be wholly responsible for the project and in charge of distributing financial resources among partners according to the established plan of activities.
  6. The project must be clearly centred on well-defined research activity with wide perspectives and potential applications.
  7. The Networks call do not imply the creation of new physical infrastructures (e.g. research facilities, buildings) but are network-based projects whose purpose is to join forces to face common scientific and technological challenges as well as to stimulate fresh interaction for the long term even beyond the call duration.
  8. All partners must have an intellectual and financial stake in the activities.
  9. Proof of existing financial resources available to cover the costs of infrastructure, consumables and equipment has to be provided with the proposal.
How to Apply?

To download the application form, click here.

Indian applications seeking funding from DBT (on specific themes related to DBT) are required to submit the complete application to Dr. Abhishek Singh (Scientist C, DBT) by e-mail on ‘abhishek.singh02@dbt.nic.in’ or ‘ic-dbt2021@dbt.nic.in’ as well as in hard copy (in ‘Word’ and in ‘pdf’, with both side signatures). Deadline for submission: 17th September 2021 (by 5 pm).

Click here to view the official notification for the Call for Proposals: Support Networking Activities under Indo-Belgian Research & Technology Cooperation by DBT & DST

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