Suggest Design of The Museum on Prime Ministers of India [Prizes Worth Rs. 10K]: Submit by Apr 29: Expired

Government of India proposes to set up a modern museum dedicated to the ‘PRIME MINISTERS OF INDIA”, covering all Prime Ministers .They have been predominant faces of the Indian Government. As head of the Council of Ministers, more importantly of its inner core, the Cabinet, the PM is mandated to lead governance and policy making. They have mostly made a great impact on the Indian polity over last seventy years of India’s independence. The institution of the Prime Minister has also come to represent the democratic legitimacy of the Indian State.
Befitting the status of the project, the Government of India, invite creative architectural designs for constructing the building to house the Museum. Suggestions on designs for its interiors are invited also. A state of the art structure reflective of India’s current progressive temperament, also its long and rich tradition is envisioned.
The museum shall be curated in India’s capital, consequently, the edifice should equally compliment the historical cityscape of Delhi. But of course this need not be a limiting factor. A futuristic approach to the building design adopting sustainable and energy conservation practices for a Museum of national importance are also desirable prerequisites. A technology oriented building which is user friendly and capable of meeting future needs, will best serve our purpose. Between 15,000 – 20,000 sq.mts of floor space is our requirement.
The best suggestion/idea would be given a cash prize of Rupees Ten Thousands only.
How to Submit:
Click here to submit.
Submission Deadline: April 29, 2018.

For further details on the same, click here.


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