Student Excellence & Learning Program at NIT Patna [Oct 14-19]: Registrations Open


A sound mind is that key that can open a successful, stress-less and satisfying life that we all aim to achieve. However, as humans, we have all faced that situation where the littlest of things keep distracting us from having a stable sound mind. Realizing its importance especially among the youth, our institute is proud to announce a program especially made for the students of this era, Student Excellence & Learning Program (SELP) recommended by NPIU-MHRD under TEQIP-III .

SELP & Short Term Training Program (STTP) is specifically designed and recommended module by AICTE India and Vyakti Vikas Kendra India, which is funded by TEQIP-III. This program helps to develop personality, eliminate mental stress and improve the physical health of students/Faculty and Staffs.

This module also helps stimulate the learning capabilities of students, stress-free, lack to reach their actual capabilities and thus helping students to enhance their academic performance and develop their Soft Skills, which is the required ingredient to excel in life.

Course Content
  • Tendencies of mind and correlation with achieving success.
  • EMI- Ethics, Morality, and Integrity.
  • Leadership and Skillful communication.
  • Introduction to yoga, meditation, deep breathing and relaxation, practical destressing techniques.
  • Confidence Building and handling peer pressure.
  • Time management and goal setting.
  1. Registration Fee not required.
  2. Total participants: 180 Nos.
  3. First come, first serviced basis.
  4. For registration for the above program please mail to

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