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Strawberry Fields XXIV [Jan 9-10]: Getting Over the COVID Blues

Strawberry fields has been India’s most premier college rock fest for the past two decades. It has helped independent Indian artists by creating a platform that caters to grassroots music and connects the artist to a plethora of fans who come from across Bangalore to attend the show. 

Strawberry fields is in its 24th edition and has curated a very large audience and fanbase for the past 23 years. The team wanted to continue this year amid the pandemic because everyone’s life came to a standstill and artists, music lovers and audience alike needed something to provide solace in this meagre time. Strawberry fields this year wants to provide everyone with a platform where artists and audience can come together and enjoy the one thing that unites all, music. 

Strawberry fields also carries a great deal of heritage, and has been recognised in the past as “India’s best college rock fest” by rolling stones. The show has taken place every year for the past 23 years, and that’s why the team felt that sf had to go on this year to cater to the two-decade long heritage. The show must go on. 

The team couldn’t postpone the event because of uncertainty created by the pandemic and hence a collective decision was taken to proceed with the show online this year. 

An online fest has its own share of problems, there was a risk of losing out on Grassroot artists which couldn’t afford studios for live streaming, and also the feel of a live act can’t be possibly recreated on an online platform, but the team has worked relentlessly to make the fest as interactive and inclusive as possible by collaborating with a live streaming platform To ensure uniformity in competition and stay as inclusive as possible, different recording apps have been used to make the competition standard and fair. 

An online fest has certainly few perks, this year strawberry fields will cater to a larger audience, anyone can listen to the show from anywhere. The show also for the first time has collaborated with international bands to headline the event this year. 

Even the battle of the bands segment has seen a huge level of participation despite the whole show being online. our participants come from all over the country and even few international Grassroot level bands for the first time in the show’s history participated in the battle of the bands segment. The process was difficult with bands sending their live recordings from their bedrooms, living rooms, hostels etc but all of this clearly shows the love for music every one of us shares and the enthusiasm associated with strawberry fields. 

For headlining acts, strawberry fields brings to you five amazing bands this year.  “khan” a Melbourne based trio known for their hazy psychedelia and heavy stoner riffs induced music. “Tangerine stoned” a band based out of Italy inspired from the 60s and known for their modern classical sounds. The fest also brings local favourites “ cinema of excess “ and “haiku-like imagination“ well known Indian bands known for their very own unique style of music respectively. The winner of the last edition “spotlight” will also be performing for the audience as per the tradition of the fest. 

Head out to Rasta Café on MG Road, Bangalore at 8 p.m. on 10th January to see Spotlight, Cinema of Excess and Haiku Like Imagination play live for the show! The show would also be live streamed from 1300 hrs to 2200 hrs on 9th January and 1530 hrs to 2300 hrs on 10th January. Visit to watch the live streams!

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