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STEPCONE 2020: National Level Technical Paper & Project Contest at GMRIT, AP [Jan 31- Feb 2, 2020]: Register by Jan 30: Expired


STEPCONE: The technical & cultural fest has been on the most awaited platform for engineering students of all platforms. With more scrupulous forethought and invulnerable zeal, this is the latest version that is going to invite the young engineering minds to lift their spirits.

It hosts discourse on theories, problems and their solutions in the current revolution of engineering. It showcases the level of excitement which can be visualized when the theories in books are made to compete with others. It enlightens young minds to bring societal impact with highly planned and focused efforts contribution projects.

  1. Technical Paper Presentation: The highly focused platform to showcase the research or study of various domains of engineering that have advanced in the past. This is the podium for all ingenious minds out there to showcase their intense knowledge and communication skills.
  2. Advances Technical Workshops: Coined to have diversified learning experience under the guidance of eminent technocrats regarding the trending aspects of current era technologies across vast engineering and to enable students so that they can implement the skills they learnt during the workshop.
  3. Spotlights: The best level of event recognized with high levels of grit intending to unveil the creativity, swiftness, and entreprenurship of young engineering minds. The competition the unleashes the best in you, brings out the greatest, finest and preeminent talent expertise in you.
  4. Technical Events: High and precise bookish knowledge is not going to make you a prime but the fact is that you have to be in a state to apply them. To make the learning more fun and competition more interesting, participate in this technical event.
  5. Cultural: Sink in euphoria with the brand new culture.

Interested candidates can register for various events by clicking here.

The last date to register is January 30, 2019.


Phone Number: 08941251592

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