STEAM Leadership Network Roadshow, Jaipur [Jan 21]: Registrations Open: Expired

About STEAM Leadership Network?

We Are the Future: Advancing Diversity and Equity in STEAM

As India is becoming a more diverse and global society, equitable access to educational resources and opportunities is ­critical in the development of a more diverse STEAM workforce. By being intentional in the design and development of inclusive learning environments, education leaders can transform student learning experiences and spark the interests of the next generation of STEAM leaders.

STEAM Leadership Network seeks to engage these education leaders in thoughtful dialogue focused on how they can create and sustain initiatives for a more equitable STEAM future in mainstream education.

STEAM-LN is a perfect platform for STEAM decision-makers – deans, directors, principals, academic coaches etc.

Benefits of the roadshow

Networking: We’ll be joined by the Deans, Directors, Principals, Policy Makers, Educationalists etc. of India’s biggest educational institutions, the most promising STEM leaders and experts.

Learning: We live in uncertain times for tech and education. At STEAM-LN, we welcome the people who are tackling the big challenges facing the industry today and learn about the new practices developed by them. Our stages cover topics that envision the Future of STEAM in mainstream education.

Exposure: STEAM-LN is India’s one of the largest gathering of educationalists, principals, directors, attracting more than 800+ attendees designed to emphasize the major practices that scientists and engineers engage in as they investigate the world and design and build new STEAM technologies.

Recognition: STEAM-LN believes is recognising the great minds in the STEAM industry. Annual STEAM awards are being organised to recognise the leaders who are bringing in change in STEAM learning.

About The Organizer

Tinkerly helps schools to setup and run STEM labs (Innovation Lab, Tinkering Lab etc) and empower teachers & students with content, methodology and technology, to enable “Learning by Doing” providing a platform that fosters creativity, learning and imagination.


Jaipur, Rajasthan

Registration Details

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