Internship Experience of a B.Ed Student at St. Joseph’s Convent High School, Patna: Blessed that I chose this profession!

By: Usha | 20 Aug 2019 5:13 PM

This is submitted as an entry to the Noticebard Internship Experience Writing Competition 2019.

Name, College, Year

Deepanjali Singh, St. Xavier’s College of Education, Patna, B.Ed.

Internship Organisation

St. Joseph’s Convent High School,  Bankipur Patna

Duration of internship

October 29, 2018 to November 17, 2018

Internship Experience

School internship is an important part of Teacher’s Training Program. Our college every year sends the B.Ed 1st year students for internship in different schools. I had been sent to St. Joseph’s convent high school. Basically in the 1st year of internship we had to work and make report on 4 aspects i.e. at least 10 observation classes, 5 substitution classes, 1 case study and school observation (from class 6th to 10th). The interns are not paid any amount for the internship.

I was excited and nervous for my first day of internship. I arrived the school in time and coincidently meet principal, Sister Mabel C.J. in the garden first and guessed that she could be principal because of her appearance and dressing sense but she recognized me that I am there for internship and asked me to sit in the staff room.

In the staff room I was sitting but feeling very uncomfortable because all the teachers of the school were arriving one by one and I have to wish them all and have to take their reactions which I was not able to categories.

But luckily my center supervisor Sapna Suman ma’am and my five classmates had arrived and took me from that staff room to principal office where our center supervisor introduced us to principal and she provided us a separate room (I took relaxing breath controlling my expression). She was very co-operative and well behaved. The assembly starts from 8:00 a.m everyday.

On the first day I went for the first substitution class in class 7th. Students greeted me by standing up, after receiving their greet I told them to take their places but they informed me that we use to start every class by a short prayer. I said ‘’ohh’’ and felt a little shame because I have to be there in the class knowing all the rules and regulations of school.

After taking 35mins of class bell ranged and I was about to leave the class by thanking them but again they informed me that they end every class by a short prayer, this time I smiled.

First day first class taught me that knowledge about rules and regulation is most important steps before getting into any organization. At the internship time in most of the classes revision was going on because examination was there from 19th November.

Before sending to schools my college had given training about micro-teaching i.e. how to teach but there at the school I had learnt both how to teach as well as how to revise the chapter. No B.Ed colleges teach how to revise the chapter but there in the school I had learnt it too. But after few days sister Mable announced in the assembly that teacher has to teach new chapter instead of revision so that we interned people can get observation classes of teaching.

I had observed 10 classes of different teachers and took many substitution classes from class 6th to 10th and handled the classes nicely and got confident and a little proud that I am able to handle the classes but very soon my proud got broken when I was sent to class U.K.G., I went in the class having pleasant smile so that little girls will feel comfortable with their new teacher but it harmed me only, half of the girls left their seats and came to me, some were held my saree, some were my hand and some were roaming around me telling me to do various things for them some were asking for drawing rangoli on the blackboard because Deewali was about to come, some were asking to tell story and I was clueless at that time but I was trying to control the class by telling them to sit at their places in loud voice but I myself couldn’t hear the voice of mine because the girls were making so much of noise.

So I decided to engage them and given number and asked to write its spelling but then also I failed to control the class. The class was so noisy the principal came to the class and scolded the girls and then she called their regular teacher, the teacher came and said thank you to me and asked me to leave the class. I can still visualize all the things happened there. The class teaches me that teaching profession is not that easy.

Before going to internship we had instructed to not to do any mistakes or irresponsible deed but despite of having all this instruction we did a blunder and faced the angry side of the principal. On 1st November we had taken permission from principal for conducting assembly on 5th November but had not conducted assembly on that date (because we didn’t prepared for the assembly) and forget to inform the principal regarding this change in plan.

The things happened after assembly on that day was horrible, principal called us and asked very coldly the reason of not conducting the assembly and not informing her, at that time we were speechless and felt that it’s better to say sorry.

But when we asked her for the next day she refused by telling that we have common assembly next day and then she was not in mood of giving us the chance of conducting assembly. At that time it was better to shut our mouth and follow the order. On next day i.e. 6th November we again asked for the permission for conducting assembly but this time from vice principal and finally got permission for 15 November and conducted it successfully.

In St. Joseph’s convent every year children’s day is celebrated and the teachers have to perform for the children. This time we were asked to perform, principal suggested us to perform dance for them so we prepared and performed group dance on 16th of November. Children, teachers, principal and our center supervisor had appreciated us this made us very glad.

There was one more incident which I can still visualize, on 5th of November I got opportunity to invigilate Olympiad exam in class 6th but for only 10mins. The teacher who was in the class before me had instructed me to submit the answer sheet after 10mins but when I asked them to submit they had requested me to give more time but I refused very softly but those cleaver girls requested me to submit the paper from last bench and when I went to the end one they requested to submit from the first bench and at that time I have to be harsh there so that I can submits the paper at time.

In my case study sheet I had studied a 9th class girl named Shalini Kumari. She was topper of the class but was a little proud, she ignores her friends and disrespect them. I talked to her and gathered her information and made case study report on her.

Having all this sweet and sour experience the last day came, the principal thanked us in the assembly informing all that today is our last day. At that day we have to collect information about schools with help of school diary, school magazine and from school staffs. After collecting all the information like number of classrooms, total teachers, total students, facilities etc we filled it in school observation sheet and got principal signature over it. And at lunch break some girls touched my feet and said ‘’Good bye ma’am see u soon’’. I blessed them and felt little emotional.

These golden days taught me so much. At that day I felt the importance and value of B.Ed course. I felt so blessed that almighty had selected such a valuable profession for me. Indeed I had learned a lot from this internship so I will never going to forget these magical days of my life.

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