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SRM University’s Tech-Management Fest Aaruush [Tamil Nadu, Sep 26-29]: Registrations Open

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Aaruush Tech management Fest SRM University
About Aaruush

Aaruush is tech management fest being conducted by SRM University on the following dates Sep 26-29, 2019. There are varied kinds of exciting events. The details of the same have been provided below:


In this world of fast paced technology. Industrial knowledge and Technical know-how are the keys to scientific progress. At Aaruush this is showcased at events called Expos. Expos are presented by organizations, industries and technical teams on a particular domain of interest to ignite the imagination of students. Such opportunities is given to the audience, by hosting multiple expos, organized by renowned institutions covering a broad spectrum of ideas.
Expos for Aaruush’19 included:

  • Nino Robot
  • 3D Bio Printer
  • Neurosky Brainwave by Pantech Solutions
  • Telescopes & Binoculars by Astrosoc Corp
  • Mechanical Model by Ugears India
  • Kalamsat by Space Kidz India
  • Desktop Robot
  • HTC Vive – VR & AR Expo by Madras Mindworks
  • Puzzlebox Orbit Helicopter
  • 3D Printer and 3D Scanner
  • Portable Planetarium
  • DRDO Defence Expo
Industrial Conclave

Industrial Conclave bridges the gap between industrialists, entrepreneurs and students. It is a forum which revolves around a central agenda. The aim of IC is to obtain a broad perspective on the challenges and risks faced by aspiring industrialists.

Bluebook Event

Bluebook is a consortium of events which are related to bioengineering, life sciences and chemistry. Each event makes sure that the participants not only enjoys but also get to learns new concepts that they were previously unaware of, by quizzes and FAQ rounds.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

Fundaz deals with the basic concepts of science spiked with entertainment. If puzzles, quizzes, logical reasoning and crosswords are your interests, this domain is where you should be.


X-Zone mainly deals with events based on off-beat interests like brain storming, treasure –hunts, gaming and so on. These events are fun-based and offer respite from the technical mumbo-jumbo.


Architecture encompasses elements related to planning, design, usage of light, space, layouts, computer modeling software and programming that help digitalize architecture’s core processes, thereby providing a comprehensive experience of modern architecture. What you need is planning, innovation, efficiency and enhancing the designs and magic ensues.


This domain showcases everything that the word “flying” or “aviation” associates itself to. It is concerned with development, design and research. It also covers the aerodynamic characteristics. It is a canvas for those who always want to soar into grander horizons.


E-mail: csiorg@aaruush.net
Phone: M Rahul, 8125273043

For more information, visit the official site by clicking here.


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