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Spectra21 Technical Fest at Sardar Patel College of Engineering [Feb 27-28]: Register Now

Spectra- The Annual Technical Fest of Sardar Patel College of Engineering is a gathering for all the tech geeks around India. Spectra is widely recognized in western India for its spectacular events like Robowars, Meshmerize, ICRC Racing, Constructo and many more.

This year spectra is back with an initiative of Empowering Digital India by promoting Events like Hackathon, Code Debugging, Machine Learning and many more. Even in these times of COVID, Spectra the fest is making sure to keep its legacy by hosting events like Town planning, Contraption, Technical Paper Presentation, and many more.

Event details

Coder’s Arena

  • Hackathon: A Problem statement based 36 hours coding challenge especially for enthusiast coders. Gear up your skills and show what’s under your sleeves.
  • Code Debug: Presenting to you CODE DEBUG, An online Coding competition to test your programming skills. Show everyone your ability and compete to prove yourself an Ultimate Coder.
  • Machine Learning: An Online opportunity for machine learning enthusiast, solve the machine learning problem statement within 24 hours and write your own legacy.

Electrical’s Kingdom

  • Circuit Design: Build your circuits, make it work, get an output and win the battle. So Gear up Guys, Show what you got under your sleeves and rock the platform.
  • Arm-a-Boe: RUN YOUR BOTS, CONQUER THE PATH AND VICTORY IS YOURS. Gear up your manual bots for the most remarkable event of the year!
  • Trical Riddle
  • Magic by Logic: The best magic always result from the Ecstasies of Logic. Even At Home its time to show your magical skills in logical circuits. Magic By Logic awaits for you!!!
  • Micromouse: Gear Up for the most awaited Robotics competition. Doubt how??? Spectra has a way for it too. Stay updated Spectra has a lot for you.

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Mechanical’s land

  • Lathe Wars: A Simulation-Based Game to test Your Manufacturing skills.  Unleash your machining skills, and let in to the groove of screeching rhythms of turning, facing, tapering. Want to perform operations on the lathe machine??? This is it, an event where you can show how strong you are in an Virtual workshop practices.
  • Contraption: Strom in the teacup! Create simple and creative inter-connected mechanism to carryout simple tasks.
  • Autocad: Perspect your design assemble your prize.
  • Mech Quiz: Quiz Time !!!   DO you have what it takes to BEAT THE HEAT? Have you got the Spark to rise above the crowd and Fuel to win amongst the peer?
  • Cad Master: Got an Edge over Designs,  get a Mouse in your hand with an absolute design in your mind, Get ready for the most awaited  Cad Master Competition.
  • Project Presentation:  Are you a Tech Geek? Bring out the mechanical engineer within you by applying your knowledge practically on your model and presenting it.


  • Tech Quiz
  • Tow Planning: Get a chance to plan your own town from bird’s eye perspective adhering to technical aspects. Are you really upto it?
  • Tech N Ladder: Check how far have you climbed the ladder of Civil Engineering facts and Concepts. A Quiz  on Civil Engineering and Facts.
  • Plan It
  • CAD Master: Rs. 4500/-
  • Project Presentation: Rs. 6500/-
  • Plan it: Rs. 3000/-
  • Town Planning: Rs. 3000/-
  • Rech & Ladder: Rs. 3000/-
  • Tech Quiz: Rs. 5000/-
  • MicroMours: Rs. 15000/-
  • Lathe War: Rs. 6000/-
  • AutoCad: Rs. 6000/-
  • Circuit Design: Rs. 5000/-
  • Mech Quiz: Rs. 4500/-
  • Contraption: Rs. 5000/-
  • Machine Learning: Rs. 9000/-
  • Code Debug: Rs. 3500/-
  • Magic by Logic: Rs. 2250/-
  • Arm-a Bot: Rs. 17000/-
  • Hackathon: Rs. 21000/-

Call: 9405449445

Spectra21 Technical Fest at Sardar Patel College of Engineering.

Noticebard is proud to be the media partner for this event.

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