Call for Solutions: Sustainable Food Systems Challenge by MIT Solve [Grants Upto Rs. 7.5L]: Submit by June 18


The Massachusets Institute of Technology Solve Foundation invites innovative solutions from young innovators for sustainable food systems. The challenge being: How can we produce and consume low-carbon, resilient, and nutritious food?

Challenge Overview

New data-rich technologies, combined with the revival of traditional practices such as intercropping or indigenous fisheries management, hold great promise. But new business models are required to bring these approaches to far more people, while further innovation is still needed to transform the food system at scale.
The MIT Solve community is looking for technology-based solutions for a low-carbon global food system that provides nutrition with minimal environmental impact. To that end, Solve seeks solutions that:

  • Support small-scale producers with access to inputs, capital, and knowledge to improve yields while sustaining productivity of land and seas;
  • Scale practices and incentives for larger farmers and ranchers to decrease carbon emissions, land-use change, nutrient runoff, or water pollution;
  • Improve supply chain practices to reduce food loss, scale new business models for producer-market connections, and create low-carbon cold chains; and
  • Promote the shift towards low-impact, diverse, and nutritious diets, including low-carbon protein options.

All solutions selected for Solve’s five current Global Challenges will receive a $10,000 grant funded by Solve. Solver teams will be selected by a panel of cross-sector judges at Solve Challenge Finals during the UN General Assembly week in New York City on September 20, 2020.
In addition, to Solve funding, the following prizes are available to Solver teams selected for the Sustainable Food Systems Challenge. To be considered for a prize, complete the prize-specific question within the application.


To submit your solutions online, click here. The last date for submissions is June 18, 2020.


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For further details, click here.

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