Mental Health Webinar on ‘Sleep in the Time of Corona’ by The Alternative Story [April 5, 4.30 PM]

Mental Health Webinar on ‘Sleep in the Time of Corona’ by The Alternative Story [April 5, 4.30 PM]

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sleep paralysis scaled 1

Mental Health in quarantine

The Mental Health in Quarantine is a series of weekly webinars conducted by The Alternative Story. While most of us are quarantined and working from home, we are isolated and away from activities that would give us a sense of community.

While social distancing is necessary for our and community health, the impact that this distancing is having on our mental health cannot be ignored. To provide a sense of solace that one is not alone, that all of these feelings are natural in these circumstances, The Alternative Story started these webinars.

These webinars are anchored by a mental health professional from The Alternative Story every week.

About The Alternative Story

The Alternative Story is an organization that provides emotional wellbeing solutions for individuals as well as organizations. The mental health professionals at The Alternative Story are trained in providing online as well as offline therapy. The team also provides therapy on a Pay-What-You-Want basis so that therapy is accessible to those who can’t afford it.

The team at The Alternative Story provides training and workshops/webinars to organizations to help them make their workplaces safe and mental-health-friendly.

You can read more about their work at

Webinar: Sleep in the time of corona [April 5, 4.30 PM]

During this quarantine period, The Alternative Story team has noticed a lot of clients and friends report that the sleep cycle has been disturbed. People are either sleeping too much, sleeping in too late, and not enough are all complaints that are common during this isolation.

Lack of physical activity and mental stimulation are regarded as the reasons for most people not sleeping well. But is that it?

Having sleep disturbances can result in feeling annoyed, irritable and cranky. Restless sleep can make it difficult to concentrate or be productive. Prolonged lack of sleep or sleep too much both are symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Through this webinar on Sunday, April 5th at 4.30 pm, mental health professionals from The Alternative Story will address your concerns about sleep and its impact on mental health.

To join the webinar, click here:

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