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Short Term Course on Clean Steel Technology at MNIT, Jaipur [Dec 9-13]: Registrations Open

Clean steels are generally those steels that have low levels of the solute elements sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen; controlled levels of the residual elements copper, lead, zinc, nickel, chromium, bismuth, tin, antimony and magnesium; and, a low level of non-metallic or oxide inclusions. The requirements vary with the steel grade and its end-use.

Clean steels used for one application may be often not acceptable for different use. Steels with low levels of solutes are sometimes termed as ‘high purity steels’ while steels with low percentage of tramp elements are often called ‘low residual steels’. Other than iron and carbon different alloying elements are also added in varying proportion for achieving various properties according to the application. These alloying elements greatly influence the properties of steel and so the amount of each elemental addition is carefully controlled during manufacturing.


The Course includes expert lectures on the following topics followed by laboratory visits.

  • Concept of Clean Steel – Non Metallic Inclusions, Dissolved Gases, Tramps, Segregation Intensity Solidification Morphology- Effect of the same on properties & performance, with suitable examples
  • Ladle Metallurgy for Clean Steel Making – Unit processes and Unit Operations – calculation and control of stirring intensity, selection of slag, choice of refractory, temperature etc. to ensure a low content of oxide and sulphide inclusions, Inclusion Engineering- Concept & apt examples
  • Mechanisms and control of segregation (micro / macro) in continuous casting of steel.
  • Testing and Characterization of Steel
Who can attend?

Research scholars, Post Graduate students, faculty members of institutes and industrial persons. This short term course will be really helpful to the teaching fraternity, scientists, Industry people and students

  • Research scholars & students: 2000/ -INR (Other than MNIT Jaipur)
  • Teaching fraternity: 3000/-INR
  • Industrial Professionals: 5000/-INR
  • Registration fee includes Tea, Lunch and Registration Kit.

Dr. Vijay N Nadakuduru Convener
Contact no. +91-9549650129
Email id: Vijay.meta[at]mnit.ac.in

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