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She Represents – शक्ति है, सक्षम भी Residential Program for Women [July 4-12, Delhi]: Apply by April 30 [Postponed]

She Represents is a 9 days residential space exclusively designed for aspiring women political leaders of India. Participating women will have a rigorous learning experience that nurtures the heads, hearts and hands of our future leaders.

The goal of She Represents is to build concrete political skills among women who want to join politics or are already on their journey, immerse in the political reality of India, and overcome inner and systemic barriers.

She Represents is essentially a space to join hands and learn with a community of strong, politically motivated women, who have a mission to serve India through politics.

Why come to She Represents?

There is a dearth of strong women role models in Indian politics today. Historically, women have played a crucial role in building movements and bringing forth political and social change across the world, including India.
Research states that women have an equal if not higher probability of winning if given a seat. However, the truth today is:

  • India ranks 20th from the bottom in terms of women’s representation in active politics
  • We currently have 14% women representation in Lok Sabha, 10.5% in Rajya Sabha.
  • The national average for state assemblies was even lower at 9%, in 2018.

​The word politics has become stained in today’s world and is dominated by men – we want to change that.
​Apply to the program if you are a woman who wants to further your political journey in principled politics.
Dates: July 4-12, 2020 [Postponed due to Coronavirus]
Place: Delhi, NCR

Who is it for?

30 participants | Age 18 – 50 years
​Are you an aspiring woman political leader? Have you engaged in actions towards a strong political commitment? Do you see yourself in public leadership role in future? If yes, we invite you to apply for She Represents
The organisers value the diversity in our country and encourage women from different political, religious, cultural, class, caste, economic and regional backgrounds to apply.
​Women with demonstrated evidence of public service and a clear intent towards political leadership are encouraged to apply.

How to apply

Click here for the English application.
Click here for the Hindi application.
The first application deadline is April 30, 2020 [Extended]


Email: or Whatsapp  at +91-9899948011.

Click here for the official website.


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