Sharjah Advanced Industry Accelerator Program 2020 for Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs [Prizes Upto Rs. 75L]: Apply by June 25


Applications are now invited for the Sharjah Advanced Industry Accelerator Program 2020 for Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs.

The Sharjah Advanced Industry Accelerator is a 100% digital initiative for entrepreneurs and start-ups worldwide interested to tap into the UAE & MENA Region, which offers them to bring to the market their innovative projects, through a company incubation, mentoring and market access via the SRTI Park Ecosystem.

The SRTI Park aims to provide an environment that fosters creativity and innovation by creating an attractive and sustainable park with world-class infrastructure and services, supporting, promoting, and developing the innovation system and to enhance the Emirate’s status as a global destination in the fields of innovation.


A personalized service will be provided that maximizes the positive impact on entrepreneurs and start-ups, designing ad-hoc itineraries for each type of participant.

  • The finalists will have investment access in order to scale their project, as well as a grand prize of $100,000 prize (in the form of equity-free grant cash, business incubation, and marketing).
  • Workspace and incubation in the SRTI Park.
  • Mentoring about innovation methodologies, business strategy, and investment.
  • Specialized advisory through the specific experts’ knowledge in the 4.0 Industry topic.
  • Alumni Program for graduates.
  • Active networking thanks to the network of entrepreneurs, companies, experts, and existing entities in the ecosystem of SRTIP.
  • Participation in events developed by the SRTIP.
  • Sandbox: Possibility of testing solutions in a real environment.
  • Active participation in the final Demoday.
  • Visibility in media and communication channels of SRTIP and sponsoring corporates.
  • Possibility to promotion and access to national and international events through the presence of SRTIP in them.
  • Access to private and public projects for long term sustainability.
Focus Areas
  1. Smart Construction Management: Solutions equipped with Big Data/AI technology that stores a vast amount of business & construction data to help automate operational & construction processes.
  2. Smart Materials: Materials designed to have controllable and adjustable properties depending on external stimuli such as stress, moisture, electric or magnetic fields, light, temperature, pH, or chemical compounds.
  3. Sustainable Design: Solutions that allow sustainable architectural designs seeking to optimize natural resources and processes in buildings (selection of materials, proper use of space, the ideal selection of the places) to reduce the environmental damage.
  4. Green Building: Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers to both an approach and the application of processes towards a building’s life-cycle environmentally responsible and resource-efficient.
  5. Building Information Modelling: Tools involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places to save time and detect potential issues before they cause a problem.
  6. Additive Manufacturing: Reducing costs and time and increasing flexibility through solutions based on 3D printing technologies to create highly detailed models and print life-size objects or parts of them that are difficult to produce.
  7. Connected Infrastructures & Ecosystems: Solutions based on technologies to catch signals of an upcoming threat of an infrastructure. We are also looking for cross-sector solutions to improve connection and cooperation along the construction value chain.
  8. Modularization/ Prefabrication: Solutions based on the modular building to increase productivity, simplify logistics, minimize risks, help to decrease material waste, and create less impact on the surrounding environment.
Eligibility Criteria

The program is open to Entrepreneurs and Start-ups that:

  • Are interested to set up and expand in the UAE/MENA Region.
  • Have an MVP or solution tested in the market?
  • Have a track record of generating revenue.
  • Are innovative in nature and provide value-added solutions to the 4.0 Industry.
  • Have the potential to scale and a vision to grow internationally.
How to Apply?

Interested candidates can apply online by clicking here. The last date to apply is June 25, 2020.

Selected candidates will be notified by July 16, 2020.


Email ID:

For further details, click here.



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