Call for Manuscripts: Series on Migrations in South Asia @ TISS Mumbai: Submissions Open


The Series intervenes in the field of migration studies, which in recent years has been overwhelmingly confined to the refugee crisis in Europe. Through theoretical sophisticated and empirically rich contributions, the series will bring the varied experiences of migration in South Asia, which is both a source area for migration to Global North and destination among the nation-states of the region.

  • In bringing the work of the South Asian region on one platform, this series will renew the study of the historical processes of migration and also interrogate contemporary forms of migrations in the region shaped by the colonial past of several South Asian countries and contemporary global economic and political forces.
  • The series will provide a platform for institutions and migration scholars that work in this region on Migration Studies to share their work and create a vibrant and sustainable research collective thereby enriching and diversifying the field.
  • The series also intervenes in the study of the socio-cultural aspects of migration, networks, linkages, disruptions, transformation in social relations, and changing paradigms of government and politics as a result of migration within the South Asian region.
  • Another important aspect that this series will bring in focus is the relation between the rapid development and transformation of South Asian economies and migration within the region and the major role that the South Asian region is playing in the circulation of capital, labor, and other resources.
Manuscript Submission
  1. Original and unpublished manuscripts of authored/edited books are invited for the series. Interested authors/editors may send a brief synopsis of their book to the Series Editors.
  2. Proposals of authored/edited books are also welcome. All manuscripts will go through a peer-review process. Acceptance of a manuscript will depend on the review outcome.
  3. Submit your manuscripts to

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