Call for Papers: IIAS Shimla’s Seminar on Paradigm Shift in Indian Linguistics [Oct 30-Nov 1]: Submit by July 5

By: Saumya046 | 27 Jun 2017 2:29 PM

About the Seminar

The seminar will broadly address a range of issues that seem to create roadblocks in our understanding the true, contemporary significance of traditional grammars in India. It will seek to highlight the links between theory and practice in all areas of linguistics, and endeavor to bridge the gaps in the praxis of Indian linguistics.

Some topics that will be addressed at the seminar include but are not exhausted by the following list of basic questions:

  • What are the gaps in the mastering and understanding of our rich traditional theories and their potential applications?
  • Which are the areas to be theoretically revitalized with proper interpretations?
  • Which areas of knowledge in traditional Indian theories can be best utilized in the fields of applied linguistics? What are the ways to accommodate them in the areas of cognitive, psychological, computational and clinical, pedagogical areas?
  • What are the unseen, in-depth areas in our traditional grammar that can serve as a bridge to facilitate this paradigm shift?
  • Can our traditional theories give solutions to the above-stated issues concerning knowledge of language and its utility?
  • And, finally, are we ready for the paradigm shift? If yes, what is the lack of theoretical knowledge that hinders our progress?

How to Apply?

Those interested in participating should send an abstract (500 words maximum) by July 5 till 12:00 midnight of the proposed paper along with their C.V. to the following email IDs:

The Institute intends to send Invitation letters to selected participants by July 31, 2017. It is the policy of the Institute to publish the papers not proceedings of the seminars it organizes.

Hence, all invited participants will be expected to submit complete papers (English or Hindi), hitherto unpublished and original, with citations in place, along with a reference section, to the Academic Resource Officer, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla – 171005 by October 16, 2017.

Style sheet for the submission of papers may be downloaded from the IIAS website here.


IIAS, Shimla, has extended its hospitality during the seminar period and is willing to reimburse, if required, rail or air travel expenses from the place of current residence in India, or the port of arrival in India, and back.

To know more details about this seminar, click here.


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