CfP: Seminar on An Intertemporal Discourse upon the Society, Culture, Polity & Economy at ABNS College, Cooch Bihar [Feb 27-28]: Submit by Feb 9

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By: Gurjit Kaur | 05 Feb 2020 11:17 PM
About the Seminar

North-Eastern and Eastern India are two naturally, environmentally and socioethnographically diversified regions of the Indian SubContinent (“Bharatabarsha”). Alike other regions, from time immemorial these two regions have immense role and contributions for the growth and development of this civilization in the spheres of its society, culture, polity and economy (Ref. Books: “Atiter Ujjwal Bharat” by A.Dasgupta and “Kirata Jana Kriti” by S.K.Chatterjee). But about their roles and contributions, there are not seen significant systematic, methodical, intensive and extensive studies upon the said spheres till today.

Viewing such a situation, the present Seminar entitled “An Intertemporal Discourse upon the Society, Culture, Polity and Economy of North-Eastern and Eastern India” is being proposed to be held for making a tiny effort to begin a systematic, intensive, extensive, methodical and intertemporal discourse upon the society, culture, polity etc. with the utilization of minimum finance, time and other resources.

  • Intertemporal discourse upon society.
    Socio-ethnic features over time.
    Class, Caste, Taboos etc.
  • Intertemporal discourse upon Culture.
    Language and Literature.
    “Dharma” and ways of worship.
    Ceremonial issues relating to birth, death and education.
    Social and Psychological issues.
  • Intertemporal discourse upon Polity.
    Political life of the people under the Monarchic, Feudalistic, Democratic systems in comparative manner and so on.
    Polity under Monarchic, Feudalistic and modern Liberal Democratic systems.
  • Intertemporal discourse upon Economy.
    Livelihood patterns of people in rural and urban areas, land settlement systems.
    Tax and Revenue systems.
    Infrastructure: Past and Present trends.
    Consumption, Production and Savings habits.
  • Academicians/Faculty members: Rs 1500/-
  • Research Scholars:- Rs.1000/-
  • Students:-Rs300/
Important dates
  • Last date of Submission (via email): 09th of February 2020.
  • Last date of Registration fees payment (online mode): 11th of February 2020

Sri Partha Sarathi Aich
M: 7872840554.

Smt. Sutapa Chakraborty
M: 9474723026

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