The Transition from School to College: What All to Look Out For

School to college is a big switch that changes people’s perspective about a lot of things and such a major transition has a direct, profound impact- especially if you’re moving to a different city.

Moving has its pros and cons and in the end, it is subjective what you make out of that change. It can either make you independent and strong or make you find a way to be dependent on different people.

School is a very protective environment wherein we have limitations that help us give direction to our growth and its intensity.

College, on the other hand, is an open space that helps you discover yourself as a whole, gives you a chance for 360-degree analysis.

Think of yourself as a crazy ball: restricted space would only let the ball bounce on the four walls meanwhile an open ground would mean more space to discover.

Discovering is a process and even while in a young stage of the process, I understand my growth.

When I look back and see how far I have come, it gives me hope for more improvement. It’s wonderful to draw a personal growth graph in your head and see how beautiful it looks despite the ugly circumstances.

There are a lot of life-changing decisions we make up until this point of transition. We decide subjects, streams, and activities that help us develop interests and incline our growth in the direction we (or sadly, sometimes our parents) choose for us.

But this change is like no other, it is a shift in lifestyle, way beyond anticipation and really different from expectations.

So you can either slay it or fall prey to it; there’s a whole new level of peer pressure and environment change (external factors) that you have to deal with, along with the inner conflicts you are having inside your head.

In sub-sections of this elaborate rant, I shall go ahead and lay-out a map of different things I absorbed out of this transition, which is to say it will mostly consist of things I wish people told me (or didn’t).

And for those who want to hear it, here’s for you: everything will work out for good.

Growth Change Illustration

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