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SASFL’s Samvad on Education Technology [Dec 27, 4:00 PM]: Registration Open

South Asia Students For Liberty is to announce a “Samvad on the theme “Education Technology” as part of the Liberty. Innovation. Technology (LIT) 2021 series.”

About the Organizers

Students for Liberty is the largest pro-liberty movement of students in the world with a presence in more than 100 countries and every inhabited continent dedicated to the idea of spreading liberty.

About  SFL Samvad

The word Samvad originates from the Sanskrit word संवाद (saṃvāda) meaning dialogue, it helps us to create an environment where issues can be discussed in a tolerant, non-conflicting, and critical manner using things we consume every day- movies, books, TV shows, documentaries, articles, and much more.

About the Theme – EdTech

The COVID-19 Pandemic paralyzed the globe including the ever-important educational institutions such as schools and colleges. Education has witnessed incredible transformation through the eras of humankind. The next transformation requires us to take into consideration all the obstacles that prevent us from achieving the goal of delivering quality education in an inclusive manner.

While the attainment of SDG-4 remains a priority, adapting the targets with changing times is important too. Today we face numerous challenges in education, and technology is the tool that has remained largely underutilized in the attainment of this goal. What are the technologies and steps required in large scale utilization of technology to deliver quality education?

Join us as we have an informal dialogue on:

  • Importance of Quality Education
  • Upcoming technologies in the field of Education
  • Upskilling using Technology
  • Implementation of Technology in the classroom
How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the event through this link.


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