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SASFL’s Samvad on “Art and Artist: An Unbreakable Bond?” [Nov 22, 3:00 PM]: Registration Open

What is Samvad?

Samvad comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Samvadam’ which means dialogue, it is a nuanced, non-conflicting way of discussion which helps us to understand the issue from various perspectives and come to a solution.

About the Event

The Samvad will be focusing on the question of whether or not the Art can be separated from the Artist.

Art is the perfect escape – it is an avenue for us to explore the limits of our imagination and express peculiar aspects of our experience that don’t render well to general prose, without requiring you to lose touch with yourself. However, it cannot be avoided that any piece of art is inevitably situated in the real world, and some people insist that the art ought not (or cannot rightfully) be separated from the artist.

This they say either because they feel important themes of books cannot be fully understood without knowing the artist, or because they feel that an artist enables their behavior by commercially pursuing art. Others say that art means something different to each person, and that the artist and their character shouldn’t intrude on their own representation of the piece.

A question that has engaged the public consciousness in various forms since ages, the implications of any belief on the topic are significant, because resolving this debate will inform how we approach cultural analysis of all forms in our lives. It is therefore an important debate; one that ought to be had.

How to Register?

The event is FREE, and anyone who is interested can attend. Those who are interested can register for the event through this link.

Art and Artist Samvad


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