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Internship Experience of an MBA Student @ Sarala Wood Industries, Udupi, Karnataka: Learnt about GST and Business Etiquettes

This is submitted as an entry to the Noticebard Internship Experience Writing Competition 2019.

Name, Course, College

Jovitha Lisa Pinto, MBA, Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering

Internship Organisation

Sarala Wood Industries, Nandalike Village, Udupi, Karnataka

How I applied for Internship

Before starting about the experience here is a short introduction about the soul who owns this write up. Her parents named her Jovitha Lisa Pinto (Yes! It’s me). I am pursuing my Masters in Business Administration in Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering, Mangalore, Karnataka. I am in my final year and will be attending interviews and sessions on how to face an interview in the upcoming days, and that goes on.
So, as a part of the University curriculum, I have to do an internship after my second semester. After applying and attending interviews for many companies, I finally got one company. Sarala Wood Industries which is located in Nandalike Village in Udupi, Karnataka. This is a Small-Scale Enterprise (SSE) but the learning level is not small. One of my friends suggested this company.
At that very moment, I contacted the Manager by visiting their site, and she told me that they had vacancies for interns. The next day, I visited the company and spoke to the owner and then the manager. The manager briefed me about the timings that I should be in the organisation. I had to be in before 10a m.  This one was quite easy to get. I joined on the 8th of July, 2019.

Internship Experience

As it is said, the First Impression is the Last Impression, I planned to have a friendly talk with everyone, to just build a good relationship. Since it is a wood industry, the current office was not spacious. This is because this is a second-generation enterprise. The owner of the business Mr. Suhas Hegde has planned to expand his business and also the work of expanding the office is in process. More Space- More Work! So, I was given an opportunity to have a walkthrough of the industry and ask the labourers any project related questions.
The labourers there are very friendly and were explaining the process very well.  All the labourers had a break from 10 am to 11 am. The owner is also very friendly and is close with his employees and the interns. All the employees were treated with respect and were given all the facilities that such an industry much give.
But since that industry is located in an interior place, it becomes difficult for customers and employees without vehicles to reach there, because many of us hate walking long distances, but I was lucky in that matter as I used to travel to the workplace in my vehicle. And also, at times there would be no power for 3-4 hours (India is such a humid place).
So, I used to get a snack break and snacks at around 10:30 am which kept me motivated every time (ha-ha!). Unlike my few other classmates who got a stipend, I did not get one, but I learnt a lot, including how to add GST (which I had only learnt in the theory classes) practically in this industry. Many business etiquettes like being formally dressed, being on time, some formal business communications, etc. getting such a practical exposure is much needed for one to learn quickly.
Lots to learn in a small business like this gives me confidence and encouragement that the outside world will surely give me more in the days to come. And at last my internship ended on 29th July, 2019. All good things come to a sweet end. 

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