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Sangvari Adda: Residential Retreat on Art of Communication & Presentation at Swaraj University [Feb 18-22]: Registration Open

About Sangvari Adda

Sangvari Adda is a combination of two words, the former being a Chhattisgarhi which means friend, and the latter Hindi, which means a hangout space for sharing and conversing. It’s a thematic based program curated specifically to understand and deconstruct the elements of communication and presentation. An experiential intervention designed to build intimate spaces for unlearning, learning, and practicing the art of communication through stories, metaphors, and local narratives.

It is a five-day residential retreat for teenagers and young adults, happening from 18th to 22nd Feb 2021 at Swaraj University, Udaipur where they will construct, deconstruct and reconstruct various aspects of communication and presentation viz a viz culture, metaphors, and narratives.

What not to expect from the Program?

Before signing up for the program they want you to have a clear understanding of what you are getting into. This is an immersive journey filled intentionally with umpteen lows and highs. They don’t want you to come with an intention that will make you regret it later. Here are a few pointers that might act as a guiding factor for you to decide.

  • This is a structured program with a lot of scope for chaos, disruption, and change. If the idea of chaos doesn’t suit you, then this might not be the right space to play upon.
  • Before coming here there might be a few tasks that the team will ask you to do like photo or video journaling or something else. Think about it beforehand.
  • At no point, you will be fed with pre-decided ways of work, learning, and action. The journey is collective and depends a lot on the energy brought by all of you. Hence, the responsibility of your unlearning and learning will solely lie with you.
  • They are infamously famous for informal setups, deep bonds, vulnerable sharing’s and walking out of comfort zones. If any of this is a strict no then this might not be a flourishing program for your soul.
  • Our programs are designed experiences that trigger working action once the program is officially finished. They push and expect that the bond gets manifested into iterative prototypes. This will involve you to juggle time and balance your other things while working on within your sangha.

Sangvari Adda

  • New connections and forming network for collaboration
  • Tools and practices for blissful communication
  • Personal map of reference for working and reflecting
  • Meeting and working with individuals of varied backgrounds (change makers, activist, artist, entrepreneurs, spiritual practitioners and more)
  • Rs. 6000/- only (inclusive of retreat fee, food and stay)
  • Once decided mutually, final confirmation will happen by you sending us an initial amount of Rs 2000 through UPI/Paytm at 9910978865@paytm
How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the program through this link.

For more details, click the link below.

Sangvari Adda: Residential Retreat on Art of Communication & Presentation at Swaraj Universityangvari

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