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Free Online Sanskrit Course by International Institute of Vedic Sciences: Registrations Open


Samskrita Bharati is one of the premier organization which has brought about a revolution in the world of Samskrita through its spoken Samskrit camps and Samskrit through Samskrit (STS) Methodology. It has helped the spread of Sarala Samskrit across the globe. It offers correspondence courses in four levels (Pravesha, Parichaya, Shiksha and Kovida) and conducts examination twice an year (Feb and Aug).
On completion of these levels many universities allow you to take admission in MA (provided you already have Bachelor degree in some other subject).
International Institute of Vedic Sciences offers courses in Vedic Hinduism & Vedic Sciences. The Ancient Vedic Sciences which include Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, Vastu, Mantra Sastra, Agama & Yagna are a few disciplines which will be studied and taught in a pure form as handed down by the long tradition of Vedic Rishis.

About this Course

Preparatory course for Samskrutam Pravesha
Level 1 (Samskrita Bharati)
Teacher Profile: Shri Ramanuj Pandey: A Software Engineer by profession and passionate Sanskrit learner and teacher. As hobby he completed Postgraduate Diploma in Samskrita as Computational language from Karnataka Samskrita University, and a regular Trainer for spoken Samskrit classes conducted by Samskrit Bharati.

Course Objectives

To enable students proficient in speaking as well as writing in Sanskrit. This course is a preparatory course to prepare students pass the Level 1, Pravesha exam conducted by Samskrit Bharati.

Course Content

  • Entry to Sanskrit/Devanagari Lipi
  • Enrich Vocabulary
  • Express Freely in Samskrit
  • Basics of Samskrit Grammar
  • Start Understanding Samskrit Shlokas

Total of 30 Lecture Hours over @ 2 hours/week.

Course Delivery Plan

Through online Skype, Every Tuesday, Friday 8.30- 9.30 p.m. Starting shortly. Participants will be informed of the date of commencement.

Medium of Instruction


Course Fee



To register, fill the form given here.
Registration is compulsory.

Registration Details for Pravesha exam

You can register online by paying Rs. 300 for level 1 (Pravesha) on this website.
Please opt for other language as English so that all books are same and in case if you are not comfortable in English then you can opt for other languages (all major Indian languages are supported.). This is for initial study, as we understand Samskrita more it will start having more Samskrita and less second language.


G. Gadadhar
Phone: +91-9945105799

Click here for the official website.


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  1. We would love to learn sanskrith language because it is devanagari lipi.

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