Samanvay Business Fest @ IIT Madras [Oct 5-7]: Registrations Open

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About Samanvay Business Fest

Samanvay, as the name suggests, is the confluence of thoughts and ideas, coordination of knowledge and skill and synthesis of prowess and brilliance.

This event is synonymous with passion, frenzy, enthusiasm and lots of fun. It is a three day event away from the otherwise hectic schedule of assignments, presentations and quizzes. The three-day management phenomenon is DoMS IIT-Madras’s annual b-school festival.

Our B-School festival is marked by synergy in competition among the elite and prospective business brains of the country. Samanvay offers participants an opportunity to interact with notable personalities from industry through Conclave.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

Our theme for this year is ‘Sprinting towards Creative Disruption’.

With the multitude of disruptive technologies coming up, industries, businesses and individuals need to implement and adapt them in meaningful and responsible ways. And it is imperative that we ride this disruptive wave at the crest rather than the trough by embracing agile governance.

  1. Conclave: The congress of experts from different domains like Banking, Manufacturing, IT, Service sector, help audience to critically analyze the theme on hand. The Lecture series provides the platform for eminent industrial stalwarts to share their learning experiences. The Lecture Series is aimed at benefiting the prospective business professionals and corporate managers to know the strategies adopted by eminent business stalwarts in the past and educate them to tackle similar instances in future.

    It is the event focusing on evaluating every contestant on his/her managerial, analytical, logical, creativity, public relations, and interpretation skills.

    3. UDYAMI :
    Udyami aims to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among the brightest minds across the country. In line with Startup India’s initiative and DoMS’ entrepreneurial heritage, it gives budding entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their B-Plan to a distinguished panel of judges.

    4. KRUNCH :
    Apply your knowledge of analytics and sharpen your modelling skills at our business fest Samanvay!

    It is a consulting event that tests a participant’s ability to think strategically and find the best solution. Participants will be expected to come up with optimal and feasible solutions.

    6. FINNIX :
    This event is for those with a penchant for finance. It entails application of a myriad of skills including market knowledge, how M&A computation is done.

    Knowledge and timing are the two most important factors to suceed in any field. Do you think you have got the skills in you? Come participate in Quizzomania and test your knowledge, speed and compete with the best.

    8. BUZZAR :
    Build promotional strategies and design campaigns. It will aim to provide solutions for cataclysmic problem which will fuel one’s passion to come up with new strategies.

    9. OPTIO :
    The preliminary quiz would ensure basic operations knowledge of the participants. The case study would require application of a myriad of skills that are prerequisites in the complex world riddled with creative disruption.

    10. CONTROVERT :
    This event is for all those with the flair for speaking.

Important Dates

The three-day management fest is on the dates Oct 5-7, 2018.

1. Phone: +91-9620211909
2. Email: samanvay@iitm.ac.in
For full details, visit the official website by clicking here.

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