Workshop on Sales and Marketing Challenges for Startups @ CIE and Hubspot, Hyderabad [June 27]: Registrations Open

Sales Marketing Workshop CIE HubspotAbout:

HubSpot for Startups is designed specifically for startups that need tools, strategy & support for growth that’s both fast and scalable.

Hubspot has educated 10,000+ Startups globally on how to scale their sales, marketing, and customer service better.

The Hubspot Startups team is in town from Singapore and Dublin to help you with your sales and marketing strategies.


Founders and Start-up Teams

Pre-requisite to participate:

1. Sector Agnostic Tech Startups [ B2B, B2C, etc]
2. Startups with early traction [ active MRR and customers ] and completed MVP
3. Seed and Series A companies are eligible too

Based on your responses, the agenda and topics will be covered during the workshop.


The workshop in Hyderabad will focus on the below & your other challenges on sales and marketing

  1. How Inbound Methodology can help Startups drive traffic, convert leads and automate marketing engine.
  2. How to leverage tools and practical skills to scale your sales and marketing strategy.
  3. How to retain customers, maximizing the customer lifecycle value.
Additional Benefits:

You will be eligible for Hubspot’s Growth Platform which is a full suite of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core. The software grows with you, so you’ll have access to in-person product training, too.
All at a startup-friendly price of up to 90% off.

How to Apply:

To apply, fill this form.


+91 11 7127 9211

For more details, click here.

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