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About Us

Saksharta Sadvidya Educational and Social Society registered under the Madhya Pradesh Soceity Act of 1973 is a Non-Profit Organisation rendering a helping hand to underprivileged of the society. Sadvidya aims to fulfill the devoid in the lives of the weak by providing them adequate means to a better life.

It strives to provide opportunities to underprivileged children,marginalized sections and the socially deprived. The ultimate goals are to establish educational and skill development centres, legal aid centres, and schools. Also, Sadvidya works in the area of research and development by organizing various social events and administering research projects in various fields.

Internship/Volunteership Program

Saksharta Sadvidya provides an opportunity to the compassionate people who have a will to bring about a change in the society. Through the volunteership program we believe in connecting people from various social strata to come together and work for a better tomorrow. The tasks include organizing fund raising events, collecting resources for the national event and conducting ground level research for the research project.

Available Positions

There are three available positions at the organization:

  1. Hosting fund raising events in your area to collect funds.
  2. Becoming Part of the National Event.
  3. Becoming Part of the Research Project.

Application Process:

To Apply Click here

Important Dates

  • Last date to apply: 25th December, 2017
  • Internship Beginning Date: 1st January, 2017


  1. Internship Certificate which will provide value to your resume.
  2. Top performing volunteers will get Permanent Membership and association with the Organization for all future projects.
  3. Learn interpersonal skills like management, communication, marketing andteam work.
  4. Letter of Recommendation
  5. Memento/Merchandise from the Organization

Please Note:

  1. A minimum period of one month is required to receive the certificate.
  2. Only interested candidates are requested to apply.
  3. Mostly communications shall be done via email.

Contact Details

For any queries, please contact:

  • Priyam Jain (Convenor) +91 9437705584 (whatsapp only)
  • Kirtika Goyal (Co – Convenor) +91 9458957134 (whatsapp only)

Email id:

For details, visit this site.


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