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Sahaj Foundation’s Program on Cultivating Emotional Balance [Starts on Dec 28]: Registration Open

Sahaj Foundation is organising a month-long Online Meditation and Study Program to build Awareness and Right Understanding of the Mind from Dec 28, 2020.

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The humanity as a whole is going through challenging times. On one side we are struggling to deal with it externally, on the other we lack the skills and training to deal with the stress and the turbulence that accompanies it, in our own minds.

Even if not for this pandemic, without our being aware of it, we have long been indulged in a habit of separating things and seeing them in isolation. And now it has become even more challenging to see things beyond the surface. And our inability to see things beyond surface has led us to so many emotional turbulences that we are witnessing these days within us and around us. Moreover, there are not many opportunities that can help us explore the connection between the two- mental turbulence and our habit of seeing things as solidly existing in isolation.

According to the Buddhist view, we are perceiving things through our senses in a way which is not in sync with the reality. It’s only if we could view the things and what happens in our lives, in the light of how the reality really is, that we can be free of disturbing emotions and the turbulence of the mind. And this way we have the potential to lead our lives in a more relaxed and harmonious way.

Even though the reality is not waiting for it to be recognized, it’s we who need to recognize it for our own benefit, well being and peace of mind. As we know, it’s only with the light that we can throw the darkness away. Even though the light is always here, until we pay enough attention there, it doesn’t exist for us.

If we keep our attention fixated at darkness, or we keep ourselves distracted by different engagements so that we don’t have to face the darkness, then there is no way out; it’s only when we open ourselves to the possibility of discovering the light that we can probably discover it. This programme is an effort to bring your attention to a process that can help you possibly discover the light that according to Buddha we already have within.

How does the Program work?

The program is a series of meditation-cum-contemplation sessions for working professionals. These sessions are very carefully designed by Divya Gupta, who lives in the Himalayas and practices under the guidance of Buddhist masters, so as to prepare the willing ones to not only become aware of their emotions but also learn to transform them in their professional and personal lives.

This series of month-long sessions comes with a unique blend of wisdom and compassion-based teachings so as to enable the participants to develop a clear, aware, concentrated, contemplative, joyful and a balanced mind. Each one hour long session shall consist of 20 minutes of Shamatha (single-pointed) meditation, 15-20 minutes of talk on the topic for the day or an analytical meditation, and 15-20 minutes of Q and A.

The sessions includes topics such as mundane happiness vs genuine happiness, attachment vs. love, anger vs. depression, reality that we perceive vs. reality the way it is, what we know vs. what we do, fears, cultivating awareness, self- compassion, Judging oneself vs judging others- how it’s far from truth, and many more that have a significant importance to cultivate an emotional stability and balance even at the face of most challenging circumstances that life can throw at us.


Working Professionals

  • December 28, 2020 onwards
  • A total of 26 one hour-long sessions shall be offered from Monday to Saturday. The timing of the sessions shall be from 08:00 – 09:00 AM.
  • The suggested range of contribution is Rs 7,800-13,000. The participants are encouraged to contribute as per their heart and financial situation. The ones who are capable of contributing on higher side are encouraged to do so, as we also wish to accommodate a few individuals who are not in a position to contribute financially.
  • The charges shall cover facilitation for the whole month that would include 26 sessions and any personal one-on-one guidance given on need basis.
How to Register?

Interested participants can attend the program through this link.

For more details, click the link below.

Sahaj Foundation’s Program on Cultivating Emotional Balance

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